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Do you have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of what it means to be trans and/or be part of the trans community?

At Gendered Intelligence we use ‘Trans’ as a term that identifies those that feel that the sex that they were assigned at birth does not match or sit easily with their sense of selves. This includes other descriptors such as transgender, transsexual, non-binary, cross dresser, gender queer and many more.

Do you think that you have something to offer the GI team?

We are looking to build on our bank of freelance staff for the various paid activities that take place at Gendered Intelligence across England. These include trans youth group facilitation, our one to one mentoring work, delivering presentations and workshops about gender diversity, school assemblies, appearing on panel discussions, or representing GI at events, focus groups, consultations and forums, carrying out our own consultation processes and writing guidance and documents that will benefit the trans community.

We want to build up a diverse bunch of workers that we can call on for various tasks, activities and roles at GI.

Presentations, panel discussions, school assemblies and workshops for young people We welcome artists, performers, creative types and those who are happy to speak in front of an audience. You may have a background in teaching, training or facilitation, but could also be a poet, musician, performer, artist…. even a stand-up comedian!

People who do this work for GI will work with us to create a presentation package that increases understandings of what it means to be trans, to share some experiences of being trans and to be able to speak positively about how trans people can make the world more intelligent about gender.

Youth group facilitators

We welcome people with experience of working with young people (11-25 years old) in the capacity of youth work, teaching, social work, community arts practice or similar. We especially invite people who live in Leeds or the surrounding area to help us with our Leeds youth group.


We welcome people with experience of working with young people in the capacity of youth work, teaching, social work or similar. Experience of working in the area of mental health and well-being is a real bonus. We especially invite those identify as a trans woman/ feminine person, trans people from Black, Asian, South-East Asian, Arabic, Chinese and other non-White backgrounds and people who identify as non-binary to get in touch. We are hoping to recruit sessional workers from across England.

Trans expertise

We welcome people with extensive knowledge of the trans community from a range of different sectors. This may appeal to trans people who are or have carried out academic research at a post graduate level or above. We are looking for people to be part of a team that can represents GI at events, focus groups, consultations and forums. We are also looking for people who have excellent writing skills as well as inter-personal skills and can carry out consultation and focus group with members of the trans community.

If any of these roles and tasks interest you then do get in touch.

E mail your CV and a covering letter outlining what you feel you have to offer and why you would like to be part of the team.

E mail: with the subject heading: FREELANCE WORK AT GI.

Not everyone will be at the stage we need them to be at in order to carry out work at Gendered Intelligence, but we are expecting applicants to come with a good aptitude to learn, be positive and professional. We are seeking expressions of interest from people keen to work on a freelance basis at this stage as opposed to filling specific job-roles. We cannot guarantee that there will be regular paid work.

We will fully induct all freelancers into the different programmes and activities. The work is most like to be fairly ad hoc. So it could be that you already have a job, are studying or have other commitments. The hours will be very flexible and infrequent so we hope that we can work around you and between the team we will be able to respond to the growing demand.

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