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Parent Volunteers

Our parent volunteer in London is Sue and she is available for email correspondence to any parents or family members of young trans people looking for one-on-one support or a chat, at They also moderate our online discussion group, providing an opportunity for group discussion between parents. You can learn a bit about Sue and her experience with Gendered Intelligence below.


"Since discovering almost 3 years ago that one of my children was transgender I have been on an amazing journey (which is still ongoing). From the minute I was told that he knew he was living in the wrong body and was going to transition from female to male, I have learned so much. I had no hesitation in giving my full support, as I knew it was a decision not taken lightly, and I wanted to know what I could do to help make the transition easier. At the end of the day my child is still my child, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, and my love for him is still exactly the same as it was on the day I gave birth.

I was fortunate in being able to speak to another trans person through Gendered Intelligence who answered questions about hormones and surgery and I was invited to the next SOFFA event where I was able to chat with other parents who had a trans child.

Since my son started his transition I have witnessed an amazing change in him - from being withdrawn, depressed and almost unsociable to a young man who is full of confidence, will speak publicly, shows loads of affection to me and who has an incredible social life - this just proves that he is now the person he was always meant to be. Through him and through Gendered Intelligence I have met some truly wonderful people who have made me re-evaluate my own life. I have learned a lot about gender and sexuality and am learning more and more.

I know that not everybody can accept straight away (if ever) that their child is trans and I would love to be able to help these parents on their journey. There are lots of emotions involved when your child is not the person you thought they were and it does help to talk especially to someone who is further along the path than you may be. I am happy to have contact with parents as I am sure there are lots of questions going through your mind. I am also happy to hear from other trans people who don't have supportive parents but think that maybe an email from myself would help."

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