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The Family Life Study

Gendered Intelligence is working with the Centre for Family Research at University of Cambridge to promote their groundbreaking new study of families with trans parents.

You can find more information about the study below from the Centre for Family research. Email families@cfr. to take part.

Call out from the Centre for Family Research:

Are you a trans parent with a child aged 0-18 years old?

If you or your partner identifies as trans and you have a child aged 0-18 years old, we would like to invite you to take part in the Family Life Study.

Why are we doing the study? The Family Life Study aims to explore family life, family relationships, and the wider social experiences of families in which there is at least one trans parent. We hope to increase understanding of children’s and parents’ experiences both inside and outside their families, and to broaden public understanding of diversity in family life. We also hope that this study will inform legislators and policy makers around the world in relation to families with trans parents.

What does taking part involve? We will arrange a convenient time and place to meet with you and your family for 2-3 hours. During our meeting, we will interview you (and your partner if applicable) and ask you to fill out questionnaires about your experiences of being a parent, your route to parenthood, your family life, and your child’s development. If your child is aged 4-18 years we would also like to ask them about their experiences of family life. Lastly, we will invite you to take part in a play task with your child.

If you would prefer your child not to participate in the study then you can take part without their involvement. We’re happy to see you and your family members at different times if this is easier for you. As a token of our appreciation, your family will receive a gift voucher.

Will taking part be kept confidential? Yes – taking part and anything you say during our meeting will be kept strictly confidential. The identity of your family will be known only to members of the research team. No information that would make you identifiable will ever be published.

How do I find out more about the study? Our project coordinators can provide you with more information about the study. You will be under no obligation to take part. Please email our researchers at

To arrange to take part in the study, or for more information, please contact us:

You will be under no obligation to take part. To learn more about the Centre for Family Research, please visit:

Annual Report 2016

We launched our latest annual report at our End of Year Showcase 2016 in December at Central School of Speech and Drama. It has been another great year for Gendered Intelligence, and our organisation has gone from strength to strength. In the annual report you can read about the impact of our Trans Awareness Training, highlights from our projects such as our flagship TransActingcourse and Quality of Life Index, and get the latest figures on our youth work.

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