Page created: November 2019
Last updated: June 2021

Bodily Autonomy for Every Body (BÆB)

This is our new campaign all about ensuring bodily autonomy and robust healthcare for our young people.


'#TrusstMe' was a campaign launched immediately following a leaked announcement that the Government were planning on scrapping reform of the Gender Recognition Act, as well as further tightening the screw of exclusion of trans people from public life.

Campaign actions asked people to get directly in touch with the Prime Minister, their MP, and the Minister for Women and Equalities.

Following months of heavy campaigning, with an unforeseen take-up by other LGBT+ organisations and great media interest, the campaign achieved:

Following this widely successful campaign, the Government drew back on its plans to heighten trans-exclusionary legal exemptions. Further, the mooted cancellation of amending the Gender Recognition Act was itself cancelled, and the Act was reformed, albeit in an unacceptably piecemeal fashion.

Facing Equality

The Facing Equality campaign was all about showing up for the trans community in an easy, affirmative way. We asked people to join us in creating a wall full of the beautiful faces of people who want trans and non-binary people to have full acceptance, valued visibility across society and fit and working laws around their legal gender recognition?

Hundreds stood with us, and we will soon re-launch this so keep your eyes peeled!

Trans Writes!

Following the closing of the Gender Recognition Act consultation in October 2018, we launched a new campaign called 'Trans Writes!'. This campaign was all about writing to your MP so they know just how precarious trans rights are in the UK, and how they can support us.

Gender Recognition Act - 2018

During the consultation on the Gender Recognition Act (GRA), we ran a public information campaign on the issues facing trans and non-binary people and their interactions with the GRA. Archived pages below includes: information on continued concerns around any proposed legislation, what Gendered Intelligence was doing to help bring about change, staying safe during this period and our response itself to the consultation.

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