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Workshops on Gender Diversity

Gendered Intelligence runs interactive educational workshops, which explore diverse gender expression, for pupils in schools as well as children and young people in other youth settings.

The workshops are tiered to different age groups and explore themes of diverse gender expression in age-appropriate ways. These are ideal for schools who want their pupils to have a greater understanding of gender diversity, or schools who have pupils expressing gender variant behaviour.

If you would like to find out more about how to bring these workshops into your school or youth service, please contact us. We can tailor workshops to your setting if necessary.

Primary School: Ages 4-11

Gendered Intelligence runs interactive workshops, which explore diverse gender expression from Reception up to Year 6. If you work in primary schools or childrens' services and would like to find out more about our arts based workshops contact us here.

In the past Gendered Intelligence has also worked in conjunction with the No Outsiders Project - a collaborative enterprise looking to build LGBT affirmative spaces in primary schools with the vision that "Everyone is an insider, there are no outsiders".

As part of the No Outsiders Project, Gendered Intelligence has produced a DVD called Gender Variance at Primary School. Aimed at teachers and professionals working in primary school settings, this training tool hopes to increase understandings around transgender identities as well as exploring how gender can be explored and celebrated in all sort of rich and diverse ways from early years, and through to Years 1 - 6.

The film captures a group of young trans people reflecting on their primary school years, as well as considering how emerging transgender identities fit into family life. Towards the end of the film, we also see one of our facilitators delivering a multi media self-portrait project to Years 5 and 6, as a way of engaging the young students in discussions around gender stereotypes and gender equality.

This film is used as a teaching tool as part of our training package. To enquire about our primary schools training package go to Resources.

Secondary School: Ages 11-18

Gendered Intelligence runs interactive educative gender awareness workshops for secondary schools, sixth form colleges as well as in other youth settings, which aim to open up issues around gender diversity and expression.

Our workshops are designed to fit into, for example, the Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum or the Sex and Relationships Education curriculum.

We have also tailored workshops to connect with other subjects such as Drama, Biology and broader Diversity Weeks. All sessions aim to open up discussion with a bottom-line focus on:

As part of our workshops we can also offer a:

To book a workshop or to find out more about how we can tailor a workshop to your setting contact us.

"I liked the openness and the willingness to discuss and answer complicated and uncomfortable questions." (Student, Year 10)

"Colloquial style and speech, audience could relate, humorous yet informative." (Student, Year 10)

"The workshop really helped clear things up about terms and stereotypes." (Student, Year 11)

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