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Training in Schools and Youth Services

We offer a variety of in-house training packages on trans awareness and inclusion for schools and youth services, outlined below. If you would prefer to come to us, please see our CPD page.

Basic Package

Our basic training package for schools is a 3 hour workshop for up to 15 members of staff. The basic package will enable you to:

Our comprehensive training at Gendered Intelligence is designed to provide professionals with an increased understanding around trans identities and to establish safe environments for everyone.

Our interactive and informative workshops invite multiple perspectives and encourage dialogue, strengthening your network of allies within the trans community. As current new equality legislation ensures that trans people are treated fairly in society, many organisations are keen to implement transgender equality policies and schemes.

Bespoke Package

It may be your school or service is looking for training with a particular focus - for example, supporting a specific young person and adjusting training to their needs. We are able to offer a bespoke package which includes a 1 - 2 hour meeting prior to the training, allowing us to develop the training package to your specifications.

The 3 hour workshop will meet the specifications of the basic package, with the opportunity for a more tailored focus and detail to your school or organisation's needs.

Full-Day Package

While a 3 hour session will cover the basics, you may feel an entire day's session will be necessary to cover issues in the necessary detail, or to extend the training to a larger proportion of staff members. We can offer a discount for this package - contact us for more information.

Consultation Hours

Consultation hours allow us to sit down with you and problem solve any issues which you may be having in your school or service regarding a trans pupil or service user. This will allow us to stream-line the help you may need. For example, questions or concerns around the law and how it protects schools and trans pupils, specific access needs of trans students, etc.

Booking Training

If you are interested in booking training, please get in touch with us for prices and availability.

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