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Resources for Professionals

Below are resources Gendered Intelligence has produced for professionals. You can also find more resources for professionals in education on our 'Resources produced by other organisations' page.

Welcoming Trans Customers: 5 Tips for Customer-facing Staff

This flyer is designed for anyone who works in a public-facing customer services role. It has five simple tips that will help you make trans people feel welcomed and included.

Providing Services for Transgender Customers: A Guide

In November 2015 the Government Equalities Office released guidance on providing services for transgender consumers, co-produced with Gendered Intelligence. The guide offers service providers across all sectors clear guidance to make sure transgender customers and clients are comfortable and feel welcomed.

Football Association: A Guide to Including Trans People in Football

In 2015 Gendered Intelligence worked closely with the Football Association on their guide to including trans people in football.

The new guidance is based on the FA’s core ethos that football is for everyone.

The guide covers:

To accompany the guidance, Gendered Intelligence has produced a short film about trans people playing football. We hope the video will lead to greater understanding for people who play football and are involved in football at semi-professional and grass-roots levels.

Watch the film

Gender Variance in Primary Schools DVD

As part of the No Outsiders Project, Gendered Intelligence has produced the Gender Variance at Primary School DVD. This is a teaching tool aimed at teachers and professionals working in primary school setting. It hopes to increase understandings around transgender identities as well as exploring how gender can be explored and celebrated in all sort of rich and diverse ways from early years, and through to Year 1 - 6.

The film captures a group of young trans people reflecting on their primary school years, as well as considering how emerging transgender identities fit into family life. Towards the end of the film, we also see one of our facilitators delivering a multi media self-portrait project to years 5 and 6, as a way of engaging the young students in discussions around gender stereotypes and gender equality.

This film is used as a teaching tool as part of our training package. It is only available for hire due to the restrictions placed around its distribution with the primary school-aged participants.

To hire a copy of the DVD select 'Add to Basket' below, charged at £20.

Issues of Bullying Around Trans and Gender Variant Students in Schools, Colleges and Universities

The Anti-Bullying Alliance is keen to ensure that trans people are not being left out of the anti-bullying policies that are being implemented across schools, colleges and Universities in the UK. We were asked us to gather some of the experiences of young trans and gender variant people in and around schools.

The report is available online here:

Issues of Bullying Around Trans and Gender Variant Students in Schools, Colleges and Universities. (PDF)

To order hard copies select 'Add to Cart' below charge £4 per copy +P&P

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