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What is GIANTS?

Gendered Intelligence's Activists Network of Trans Spokespersons (GIANTS) is a new volunteering opportunity open to trans, non-binary and gender diverse people over the age of 18. It’s a way for us to involve members of our communities in the work we do to improve the lives of trans and gender diverse people. We will provide training and facilitation but GIANTS will be self-organised. This means all of GIANTS’ activities will be community-led and you will choose the issues that you work on.

Why are we doing this?

As a trans-led organisation, we’re passionate about ensuring our work meets the needs of our communities. During our ‘Thinking Big Together’ community consultation in the summer of 2019, we were tasked with providing more space and capacity for community-led activism. GIANTS will be the first opportunity for trans people to become actively involved with this work.

What’s involved?

All GIANTS members will have an initial induction training. This will cover topics such as campaigning strategies and messaging techniques. This will give you the skills you’ll need to bring about change in your communities. Following the induction, you’ll join the monthly GIANTS meetings. In these, you’ll identify key goals, monitor and evaluate the previous month’s activities and reflect on these as a group. This meeting will also provide you with the chance to seek peer support and practice community care.

The date and time of the monthly GIANTS meeting will rotate to ensure everyone can attend one meeting, once a quarter. These will be accessible digitally to ensure more people can get involved. Some meetings will be followed by a training/workshop slot to provide ongoing skills development.

What will GIANTS do?

There are two roles within GIANTS:

There will also be other opportunities that may present themselves around fundraising and community engagement work but these will be open to all.

What do we hope to achieve?

With the current backlash in the media and wider public life, it is necessary for us to promote trans inclusion more widely. At GI, we have the knowledge and resources to train trans people and we’re passionate about building trans people’s confidence and skills. We can show you how to advocate for inclusion within your communities and support you in doing this. We think this will be a powerful model and have a greater impact than anything we could achieve on our own. GIANTS will build stronger and empowered trans communities that can work with the wider GI team for trans liberation.

Next Steps

Applications will be open until 17:00 on Friday, 1st May. Our application form is available below. As this is a brand new initiative, we’re limiting the intake for this first cohort to 30 people. We plan, and hope, to invite all applicants to interview. However this does depend on the volume of applications received and our capacity.

Interviews will be conducted over telephone or video call during the week commencing 11th May. If necessary, these will continue during the week commencing May 18th.

We’ll get back to applicants by the end of the day on Friday 29th May. The induction will be held on Sunday 7th June from 13:00 to 17:00.

Application Form

Please complete the application form below if you would like to be involved.

You can view the form on a separate webpage here.

Please email with any questions.

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