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Depression and Low Mood

Trans people are disproportionately affected by depression, low mood and/or suicidal feelings. For trans people these feelings can be brought on or exacerbated by issues that affect trans people such as by waiting times for medical transition, not feeling comfortable in your clothes or body, negative self-image, difficulty finding employment or housing, bullying, social isolation or family and friend’s reactions to transition. These can all lead to feeling worthless, or hopeless.

Many trans people experience these feelings and they do not make you a weaker person. For some people, self-care can be an important part of dealing with this, for others medication or therapy can help. Dealing with depression, low mood or suicidal feelings is about finding what works best for you and not being afraid to ask for help.

Here are some links to resources that you might find useful:

NHS website has pages about depressionand also about dealing with depression.

The Guardian has an article on a trans person's experience with depression. is a website about depression.

The mental health charity Mind is a great resource.

We like this Youtube video about depression from the World Health Organisation.

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