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Changing your driving license

If you've never had a driving license before, look at the website for a list of documents that are accepted in your application.

The best way to get one in your new name / gender is to change your passport first and then apply for one online using Government Gateway.

To change your existing driving license, you need to get a form from your post office to apply for a driving license.

Documents required are:

• Driving license form

• Your name change document (statutory declaration or deed poll)

• Doctor's letter stating your change of gender

• Passport sized photograph

• Covering letter requesting change or name and gender code.

You will be asked for a photograph which will be included on your new licence. Try to get a photo which you will be happy with for some time and make sure that it complies with the DVLA's criteria.

Send the form, along with a covering letter, to the DVLA, together with a copy of your letter from your health professional and a copy of your deed poll or statutory declaration, and your old driving license.

If you change your name and hold a current driving license you must inform the DVLA without delay. Failure to do so is an offence under section 99 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

The covering letter should state that:

• you wish your legal name on the license changes to the of your new legal name, and

• that the gender code be altered to that of your self-identified gender.

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