Changing Your Passport

You can obtain a new passport with your new name and self-identified gender marker (providing they are male or female). You do not need to have any hormone therapy or surgical intervention. Currently there is no option to choose X or remove gender markers on passports.

You can obtain information on this government website

Documents required are:

• Passport form
• Passport sized photograph
• and photograph
• Original change of name document (not a copy)
• Doctor's letter stating change of gender
• Original birth certificate if this is your first passport

Costs are listed here.

Your doctor's letter must contain specific language - it must say that your change of gender is 'permanent'. You can find a template for the letter here.

All you need do is to complete the application for a new passport, and send this with a copy of your health professional's letter and a copy of your Statutory Declaration or deed poll.

You must also send your old passport back if you have one. If you have not held a passport before, then you must also send your original birth certificate to the passport office.

If you are 16+, this can be done without parental consent.

If you are under 16, your parents will need to sign the letter. However, there is no minimum age restriction on when you can change the gender on your passport, if you have the appropriate documentation.

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