Gendered Intelligence: Understanding diversity in creative ways

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Do you want to volunteer for Gendered Intelligence?

Upcoming meetings for volunteers who have been inducted:

Next volunteer induction is on:

Venue: VAI, 200a Pentonville Road, London N1 9JP

Tel: 0207 832 5848

The aims of GIVS are to:

  1. Add value to projects that are run at Gendered Intelligence

  2. Contribute to building trans communities

GIVS will achieve these aims by:

  1. Volunteering on various projects that are run at Gendered Intelligence

  2. Represent Gendered Intelligence by getting involved in collaborations, partnerships, representations, consultations, conferences and stall attendance

  3. Support our Gendered Intelligence Friends Scheme

  4. Fundraise for Gendered Intelligence by carrying out social, cultural and entertaining events and other activities

The values at GIVS are to:

  1. Embrace an ethos of collaboration and to involve its volunteer cohort in the shaping, decision making and achievement of its aims

  2. Welcome the diversity of its members, including non-trans people and those who are friends, partners and family members of trans people.

Our volunteers have been involved in various projects for Gendered Intelligence, such as:

If you are enthusiastic about working with young people and trans communities, we welcome all people, including those who are wishing to volunteer as part of their studies or older members of the trans community who are looking to enhance your CV or employment credentials.

Gendered Intelligence Volunteer Scheme also welcomes volunteers' suggestion and development of new ideas and projects.

Applying to Volunteer

In order to find out where or how you might be suitable we ask you to complete a form and then invite you for a short induction meeting with other new volunteers. We run inductions approximately 4 times a year. If you are interested in volunteering with Gendered Intelligence please fill in this short form before then to attend!

Volunteer Scheme Application Form

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