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Happy Trans Day of Visibility! In marking today, we want to celebrate all trans and non-binary people whether they choose to be out or visible as trans or not. We know that visibility is not something possible for all trans and gender diverse people for a variety of reasons, not least for issues around safety in often hostile environments that many are having to interact with. However, sometimes visibility simply isn't the desired option and that is okay too. This is why today we want to centre attention on all the actions we can take together to celebrate being trans, visibly and invisibly.

#1 Join our GIANTS network and increase trans representation and community involvement

GIANTS is Gendered Intelligence Activists’ Network & Trans Spokespersons. GIANTS aims to equip a self-organised community of gender diverse people with the skills to advocate for their own inclusion and the capacity to create sustained community spaces. Being part of GIANTS means you can be part of monthly meetings and quarterly training to continue skills development. You can join by filling in the application form, or email for any questions.

#2 Watch one of these 5 films that explore trans experiences

BBCF has partnered with All About Trans to curate a list of films rated U - 15 for parents and families who might want to start a conversation about transgender experiences. Find out more on their webpage

#3 Look at these beautiful illustrations imagining a world where trans people are celebrated, embraced and supported

Last year, our amazing trans youth workers created a powerful mini-project to uplift trans youth who may be struggling. This project was brought to life with illustrations by Freya, one half of queer literary magazine ClavMag. Take a look at the project here

#4 Join one of our trans youth groups

No matter how you identify, Gendered Intelligence's trans youth groups are open to all young trans people - whether you're brand new to identifying as trans, still questioning your identity, or if you consider yourself to be post-transition or as having a trans history. we're fully inclusive of all gender diverse young people, including non-binary young people, and have dedicated transfem and POC groups. Find out more on our Youth Page

#1 Support trans-led organisations and projects!

Donate time, money and resource to services working for trans people. You can keep vital youth services running by donating money, or your time and resources. Here are also a couple of amazing services you can support:

Trans Aid Cymru - A mutual-aid helping trans, non-binary and intersex people across Wales, Trans Aid Cymru is run by TIN people for TIN people, making it inclusive and understanding of the community needs. Make a donation here

Outside Project - Donate to the Outside Project Emergency Hotel - COVID19 Appeal. In response to the rise and risk of homelessness during the COVID19 pandemic, they support LGBTIQ+ people into emergency hotel rooms. They also keep a night shelter open 24hrs in order to house people there.

#2 Factor trans young people into your consideration about children and human rights

Children rights are human rights. It might be obvious, but this is key for young trans people to be appropriately protected under the law. Young trans people exist and should be visible and represented in legislation and human rights frameworks. Have a look at our resources for families to learn more about existing legislation and how it protects young trans people.

#3 Learn about the importance of an intersectional understanding of ‘trans’ as a class issue, a race issue, a disability issue.

Being trans is not only about gender. Intersectionality shows the disproportionate ways in which trans people experience system of privilege and oppression. The ways in which gender, race, class and disability interrelate can mean a huge difference in terms of the amount of discrimination and barriers that a trans person faces. Learning more about what this means in practice can go a long way in changing your behaviours and practices and making them more inclusive. You could start by watching this video from Juno Roche and My Genderation talking about stigma and invisibility of trans people who have HIV.

#4 Share your love of the trans people in your life

Visibility doesn't always translate into equality or more protection - it can bring about its negatives too, such as online harassment. That’s why it’s important for trans allies to support and celebrate trans people so that it will become safer to be visible and represented. It shouldn’t have to sit on trans people’s shoulders. We've created a series of pictures you can share to show how dear the trans people in your life are to you! (but make sure you have their consent to share anything publicly).

#5 Pronouns pronouns pronouns!

Finally, add your pronouns to your email signature and social media profiles. Normalise the conversation. The way we use language is so important that it can mean inclusion or exclusion. Including your pronouns in your email signature and social media is an easy step to take – and it has a big impact. It normalises this as a standard practice that applies to everyone, so that trans people are not singled out. It will show you understand getting pronouns right is an important part of respecting and acknowledging people’s identity and that you are committed to trans equality. You can read more about pronouns on our mini-guide

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