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Mentoring Support for Trans Students

Gendered Intelligence offers mentoring to any trans, non-binary or gender variant identified person, as well as to those who are questioning their gender identity or who have a trans history.

The mentoring scheme offers an opportunity to work one to one with a professional person in order to explore feelings and needs around a young person’s gender identity. It is also a place to discuss some of the more difficult and challenging aspects of living as a trans/ gender variant person, or when undergoing a medical or social transition, and/or coping with strict gender normative environments.

Each mentor, who is trans identified, aims to explore, with the young person, various coping strategies to overcome such difficulties, and to harness the strengths and resilience of the individual. The mentor looks to ensure that the trans person has access to relevant information so that they can make informed choices about their lives.

When the trans person is in an educational institute, the mentor can also act as an advocate in order to address the student’s needs across the education institute. The work also sometimes means to liaise or work with other external agencies, such as Gender Identity Clinics, health services as well as with social workers, housing officers and other key workers. The mentor can help with administration, financial support, careers advice, and in accessing support and services within and outside of an education institute.

The mentor will do this by carrying out one to one sessions with the young person. These sessions may include:

What can we offer?

We can provide practical support with issues such as:

Applying for mentoring

If you are a education provider and require for more information get in touch

If you are a young trans or gender variant person and feel you might benefit from mentoring, please approach a teacher or parent/carer and ask them to get in touch with us.

If you are an individual person and feel that mentoring may benefit you or your child, please get in touch.

Once we have your details, we can progress with your application.

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