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Resources for Young Trans People

Gendered Intelligence has produced a number of resources by and for transgender, transsexual and gender questioning young people in the UK and beyond. You can view them as PDFs for free, or purchase hard copies.

Trans Youth Sexual Health Booklet

The Trans Youth Sexual Health Booklet for young trans people was produced by Gendered Intelligence youth as part of a "You Know You" Young Leaders Sex and Relationship Project at Terence Higgins Trust. The project allowed young trans people, who may not have not accessed mainstream sexual health education (due to a lack of relevance to their own bodies and/or discomfort with the topic) to learn about sexual health. This booklet was written in response to the project and is aimed at young trans people and their partners.

Trans Youth Sexual Health Booklet (PDF: 481KB)

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A Guide For Young Trans People in the UK

This booklet was produced by young trans people and gathers stories, sources, facts and tips that these young people believe might be useful to anyone questioning their gender. This project was funded by the Department of Health's Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Advisory Group in 2007.

"When I saw it... I was absolutely blown away - and it's quite emotional in a way to simply be able to hold such a groundbreaking piece of work in my hands. Please pass on all our thanks to the young people who worked so hard to produce it - they can be very proud of what they've achieved. Everyone I spoke to about the booklet was impressed; we can't wait to get it promoted far and wide into the places where it can help support young people and those involved with them." - Christine Burns

Guide for Young Trans People in the UK (PDF: 750KB)

To order hard copies select 'Add to Basket' below charge £2.50 per copy minimum of 5 copies (total £12.50 +P&P).

'Free To Be Me' E-Zine

The "Free to be me" project looked to introduce the topic of Hate Crime to our young members, and looked at knowing one's rights. It was carried out in collaboration with Galop. Galop is an anti-violence charity that works in London with everyone who has experienced homophobia, transphobia and biphobia, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. They also work with people who have experienced any violence, safety issues or problems with the police, but would prefer to talk to a lesbian, gay, bi, trans, or queer community organisation about it. The message of the project was "If it feels wrong, then it is wrong".

Free To Be Me Zine

Additional Resources

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