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Bodily Autonomy for Every Body (BÆB)

Our new BÆB campaign (pronounced "babe") is all about making sure that all young people ⁠— including but not limited to ⁠young trans people ⁠— have their enshrined right to bodily autonomy held up.

What is bodily autonomy?

Bodily autonomy ⁠or integrity is a fundamental human right and central feminist principle, meaning that each human being has control and ownership over their own bodies.

The law around the decisions young people can make about their bodies is clear: Gillick competence allows for those under 16 years of age to consent to medical treatment where they have a clear understanding and can give informed consent.

Why did we create BÆB?

There is an orchestrated, international effort underway to roll back the human right of young and/or trans people to make decisions for themselves. From off-the-cuff remarks from Ministers (below) in the UK to the regressive laws recently passed in Hungary, decisions which seek to remove autonomy from trans people around their own lives are taking a stranglehold over our cherished institutions.

Simply put, we won't allow it to happen. And we know you feel the same.

What did the Minister for Women and Equalities say?

On the 22nd April, The Minister for Women and Equalities - Rt Hon Liz Truss MP - gave the following when setting out her priorities [click image for full transcript]:

What do Gendered Intelligence think on bodily autonomy?

Our CEO Jay has written a blogpost here.

What can I do as an individual?

We have created a tool for you to easily and quickly write to your MP. Speaking truth to power has never been more important! Click below to join us in speaking up as to why this is an important issue for you:

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