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Page created: 17th September 2020
Last updated: 17th September 2020

Round-up 17th September

From time to time, even the Trans Lobby™ needs to take a few duvet days and recharge the batteries. As of today, we’re all back in the office and there has been some very exciting goings-on the past few days.

  1. Genderfluidity and/or non-binary identity is covered under the ‘gender reassignment’ protected characteristic of the Equality Act, per a recent employment tribunal. Whilst the first of its kind by way of case law, this could be a ground-breaking precedent and mean that, for the first time, there is explicit protection for non-binary people from discrimination.
  2. The BMA (British Medical Association) has debated their role in trans people’s right to self-determination and come to the conclusion that there shouldn’t be one! One GP said “as doctors, we should take no part in such a process”. From the BMA there is an overwhelming backing of self-identification, affirmation that trans people need and should have gender-appropriate healthcare, and that under-18s need the same. Good news all round!
  3. During the past few years, we will all have witnessed the same uptick in trans-hostile hit pieces across the British media. Against the backdrop of this, the Guardian ran an article on trans key workers during the ongoing pandemic.
  4. London Trans Pride happened on Saturday – and what a balm it must’ve been for everyone there. There’s some background information to the Why here and Overwhelming grace and beauty in this photo journal of the day from Vogue.
  5. The Trades Union Congress, with 5.5 million members, came out for trans rights while condemning LGB Alliance. Read more on PinkNews.

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