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We believe that all people are valid and beautiful, and that being trans or non-binary is just one small factor in what makes you. Your experiences, thoughts and feelings are valid, but consultations such as these can make your query just how importantly the government takes your concerns around your identity being taken seriously, or bring up things about yourself you’d been sidelining.

Whilst it is a shame that this consultation has been such a long time in the making, Gendered Intelligence very much welcomes these things being consulted on. We’re very happy to finally be getting to a place as a society where we can move on and try to make trans and non-binary people’s lives a little bit easier, bureaucratically at least.

Sad misinformation

On the other side, consultations such as these can give room to panicked misinformation, lies and hatred to spread and reach fever pitch. Maybe some of these voices are insulting you, or seeking to diminish your confidence. Don’t let them!

What to do

We’ve previously made a one-stop-shop page called Knowledge is Power which pools together a lot of our resources around trans identities, expressions and mental health.

Please see our page on getting support here. If you feel that the current atmosphere and its heightened tensions are becoming a bit much, do seek out help and stay safe.

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