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Intervening in Section 35

We are joining Stonewall and the Institute for Constitutional and Democratic Research to intervene in the UK government's block on gender recognition reforms in Scotland. Our statement in full here.

Changes to gender-neutral toilet provision

The government plans to change the law in a 'crackdown' on gender-neutral toilets. Our statement in full here.

New service specification for youth gender identity services

NHS England have released a new service specification for youth gender identity services. Our statement in full here.

EHRC letter on 'biological sex'

The EHRC has written a letter to Minister for Equalities Kemi Badenoch advocating for the redefinition of 'sex' in the Equality Act to refer to birth-registered sex. Our response in full here.

New Government Direction on Conversion Practice Ban

We welcome the news that the UK government is once again committing to a ban on conversion practices, but we remain cautious until we see action and legislation.

Read our statement in full here.

Judgement in Judicial Review against NHS England

In November 2022, a coalition including Gendered Intelligence and Good Law Project brought NHS England to court. Today the judgement has been handed down.

Read our full statement here.

Statement on Proposed Service Specification for New Gender Identity Services

Our statement in full on the proposed service specifications for new services to replace GIDS next year. Read here.

We have collaborated with Stonewall and Mermaids to produce guidance on responding to the public consultation on these new services. Our guidance centres trans voices and medical evidence, and can be found here. It only takes 30 minutes to respond, but it could make a huge difference.

Termination of Contract with Sport England

We have terminated our contract with Sport England. Read our statement in full here.

Response to Attorney-General's Speech on Trans Students in Schools

The AG's recent statements are misleading and go against everything that good education stands for. Read our statement in full here.

Planned Closure of GIDS

Our statement in full on the planned closure of GIDS and the introduction of regional gender identity services for young people. Read our statement here.

Government U-Turn on Conversion Practice Legislation

Leaked documents suggest No. 10 is planning to abandoned a proposed ban on conversion practices. Read our statement in full.

Trans Day of Visibility 2022

Take a trip through GI's past with this short documentary on how the organisation got started, what has changed since, and how we continue to support and celebrate the community today.

Press Statement in response to the Cass Review interim report - Feb 14th 2022

Read our response in full to the Cass Review interim report.

Press Statement on cutting all ties with EHRC - Jan 28th 2022

We announced that we are severing all ties with the 'Equality and Human Rights Commission'.

Read the full statement here.

Press Statement on the 'Safe to Be Me' Conference - Jan 27th 2022

We announced that we will be boycotting the Government's conference and ask that other organisations and charities join us.

Read the full statement here.

Response to EHRC Statements - Jan 26th 2022

On Jan 26th the Equality and Human Rights Commission released two statements: One on the conversion therapy ban, and one on the GRA. Both were extremely disappointing in their disregard for the rights and wellbeing of trans and non-binary people.

Read our full response here.

Good Law Project Partnership

All people are entitled to timely, high-quality healthcare on the NHS and that includes trans people. Not all trans people want to access Gender Identity Services but for those that do it can prove highly valuable and life affirming. As a trans-led organisation, Gendered Intelligence works to improve the quality of life for trans people, and this includes working towards a much improved trans health care.

For this reason Gendered Intelligence is acting as a claimant alongside the Good Law Project and four individuals, and collectively we are issuing a Judicial Review against NHS England, who commission Gender Identity Services in England.

This review recognises the discriminatory barriers to healthcare that transgender people face, and challenges a number of failures by NHS England, including the unacceptable waiting times for both adults and young people in this country.

Earlier in 2021, together with the sexual health charity Brook and the Endocrine Society, Gendered Intelligence intervened in the court of Appeal in Bell v Tavistock. We hope that this next step shines a light on the current diabolical state of trans healthcare in this country and helps us move forward together.

We hope that NHS England will recognise the seriousness of the situation and work with us to make improvements in the shared pursuit of better care for everybody. We believe in the NHS, and we believe that it should be accessible to everyone - regardless of identity.

You can find more information on the Good Law Project's website

Best Trans Media of 2021

Check out our favourite trans media from 2021

Bell v Tavistock judgement overturned

With the Good Law Project, Brook, Liberty, and The Endocrine Society, we have successfully overturned the discriminatory judgement of Bell v Tavistock. You can read the full story on our blog

Our Camping Trips are back!

Our Camping trips returned in 2021, and we hope to be able to continue in 2022! Please check the Camping Trips page for information.

Response to CQC Report

Find our response to the CQC report on the Gendered Identity Development Service here

Human rights organisations stand with trans people on IDAHOBIT

Liberty joins Amnesty International UK and Human Rights Watch in sending a message that trans rights are human rights - read here

Announcing extended hours and our new NHS partner, the Sheffield Porterbrook clinic

We are pleased to announce that our Support Line is extending opening hours to 5 days a week to better support patients at this difficult time. The Support Line is now offering support to gender care patients at our new NHS partner Sheffield Porterbrook Clinic, while continuing support services at the Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health. The service is available to gender questioning people who are either on the waiting list or current patients of gender services based at these clinics.

Gender diverse patients are currently facing a difficult time with the postponements in access to full gender care services and primary care, as an impact of the COVID-19 crisis public health strategy. Plus many in our gender diverse communities are also experiencing personal difficulties with the impact of self-isolation, the loss of services, employment and income. You may be experiencing anxiety, stress and have your own very individual personal concerns.

We would like to offer you support. We can explore together the range of LGBTQI remote services on offer. We can talk with you, offering you a confidential supportive space. We do not need to ask you or record your personal details. We are here to talk (and message), to offer you support you with your gender transition, your gender healthcare concerns, and to support you in your wider wellbeing as a gender diverse person. Do feel free to make contact with us or to pass on our details to someone that might need us.

New opening hours

Contact GI Support Line

Please note that a call to our 0330 number costs the same as a call to a normal home or business landline.

All numbers that start with 03 are charged at the same rate as standard landline numbers that start with '01' or '02'. If your phone tariff offers inclusive calls to landlines, calls to 0330 numbers will also be included on the same basis.

Trans Inclusive Residentials - new guidance

Trans Inclusive Residentials: A Free Resource for Youth Workers, Schools and Organisations

Gendered Intelligence has released new guidance to support youth workers, community workers and staff in educational settings to run residentials that are inclusive of young trans people.

Based on 10 years’ experience of running residentials for young trans people, we want to share the key knowledge and advice developed by our youth workers over a decade.

The guidance covers a wide range of areas from changing facilities and sleeping arrangements, to outdoor activities, offsite visits, residentials abroad and how to support young people once the residential has come to an end.

This guidance is aimed at youth workers, community workers and staff in educational settings who are likely to be running residential trips.

However, it may also be a valuable resource for staff working on residential sites, parents/carers of young trans people and anyone else who is considering how to run or support a trans-inclusive residential.

You can download a PDF version of the guidance below.

Download the guidance

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