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Resources for Professionals

Below are resources Gendered Intelligence has produced for professionals. You can also find more resources for professionals in education on our 'Resources produced by other organisations' page.

If you're looking for training and consultancy support to help with development and implementation of good practice, you can find that via our 'Professional Services Overview' page.

Trans Inclusion Resource List for Professionals

June 2022 edition

Our Professional Services team have pulled together a list of UK and international resources on a wide range of subjects relating to trans inclusion.

Download the latest version here

Trans Inclusion at Work Policy Skeleton

Are you looking to develop or improve your policies regarding trans inclusion at work?

Any organisation wanting to improve its trans inclusivity is welcome to contact us for a free copy of our "Trans Inclusion at Work" Policy Skeleton and accompanying checklist. This covers not only supporting staff around transition, but all the aspects that need to be considered in your wider policy framework.

Monitoring and Data Capture: Gender-Related Options

Are you looking for guidance on how to collect gender-related data for monitoring forms? This document offers some key principles and advice from a trans inclusion perspective.

Monitoring and Data Capture: Gender-Related Options (PDF)

Good Practice Tips for Working with Young Trans People

Are you looking for resources to help you to support the young trans and non-binary people you work with? Read our latest good practice guide.

Downloadable toilet signs

Gendered Intelligence provides signs which you can download, print and use as temporary signage for toilets.

These signs can be used when you are hiring an external venue and want to set a higher standard of inclusivity for the toilets. Using these signs can also be a good way to start a conversation with venues about their facilities and promote trans inclusive practice.

Read more.

Welcoming Trans Customers: 5 Tips for Customer-facing Staff

This flyer is designed for anyone who works in a public-facing customer services role. It has five simple tips that will help you make trans people feel welcomed and included.

If you would like to receive hard copies of this flyer, please email [email protected]. We can post up to 10 copies for free, up to 50 for a small donation of £2.50 and up to 100 for a donation of £4.50. This is to cover the costs of postage. If you would like more than 100 copies, please email the above address for a suggested donation.

Providing Services for Transgender Customers: A Guide

In November 2015 the Government Equalities Office released guidance on providing services for transgender consumers, co-produced with Gendered Intelligence. The guide offers service providers across all sectors clear guidance to make sure transgender customers and clients are comfortable and feel welcomed.

Football Association: A Guide to Including Trans People in Football

In 2015 Gendered Intelligence worked closely with the Football Association on their guide to including trans people in football.

The new guidance is based on the FA’s core ethos that football is for everyone.

The guide covers:

To accompany the guidance, Gendered Intelligence has produced a short film about trans people playing football. We hope the video will lead to greater understanding for people who play football and are involved in football at semi-professional and grass-roots levels.

Watch the film

Issues of Bullying Around Trans and Gender Variant Students in Schools, Colleges and Universities

The Anti-Bullying Alliance is keen to ensure that trans people are not being left out of the anti-bullying policies that are being implemented across schools, colleges and Universities in the UK. We were asked us to gather some of the experiences of young trans and gender variant people in and around schools.

The report is available online here:

Issues of Bullying Around Trans and Gender Variant Students in Schools, Colleges and Universities. (PDF)

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