What is bullying?

Bullying can happen to anyone at any time, so it is important we are aware of some of the facts in relation to bullying. Sometimes we hear the word ‘bully’ used quite freely. We have taken this opportunity to consolidate what bullying is and how different forms of bullying are carried out.

Bullying can be described as a persistent, intentional harming of another person, and happens because a person wishes to gain power over another person.

Bullying does not just happen in schools but can occur anywhere in both children and adults lives. For example bullying happens in the workplace for adults, and in schools, clubs or youth groups and in places where children may congregate. Also as there has been an increase in technology and social media, bullying can happen via text messages and online.

Types of bullying

There are different types of bullying and some main types can include physical bullying, verbal bullying, relational aggression, cyber-bullying, sexist bullying, sexual bullying and prejudicial bullying, discriminatory bullying based on race, faith, gender identity, disability and/or sexuality among others.

In addition there is prejudice based bullying

Physical aggression such as hitting; pushing, kicking, punching, choking and stalking are explicit forms of bullying.

However also actions such as isolating or excluding someone from their friends or peer group, and using texts, messaging or social networking sites like Facebook to intimidate, put down, spread rumours, gossip, make fun of, threaten or exclude someone because of their actual or perceived gender identity or gender expression are all acts of bullying.

What we know about bullying

There is quite a lot of information and resources about bullying and over recent years has started to be taken very seriously. This includes action taken to address the issues and prevent bullying for everyone.

What to do if you're being bullied

If you are being bullied get some ideas and support about what you can do. Also there are organisations that can help you if you are being bullied

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