Please note that this resource is from 2015 and may be outdated in places. We recommend Gender Construction Kit for some more up-to-date advice.

How to gain the appearance of a flat chest

Here are some tips on how you can have the appearance of a flat chest:

• Wear a few layers.

• Button up shirts with t shirts underneath.

• Darker clothes hide lumps.

• If you can’t get a binder use compression sports bras.

• If it’s the summer and you don’t have a binder, wear loose and thin button up shirts over t shirts.

• Don’t use Ace bandages or duct tape to bind they can be very dangerous.

• When it’s not too hot zip up (quite thick) jackets are good.

• Waistcoats are good but only when a good size for your body so try them on before.


Binding is a way to make your chest look flatter, but it’s not for everyone.

Spectrum Outfitters is a UK based trans owned family run business providing binders for all who need.

gc2b provide binders for trans people made and modelled by trans people.

underworks are very popular binders for both cis and trans people. Underworks are based in the USA and make binders that have a breathable microfibre back.

Gynecomastia Solutions also offer binding, chest compression, and shapewear options for trans and cis people.

transguys provide binding advice.

T-kingdomis a Taiwan-based maker of binders.

Other resources are:

G(END)ER SWAP CIC is a UK based community outreach organisation that supports trans and gender non-conforming individuals to access clothes and community, offering LGBTQ+ style workshops and exhibitions.

Safe Binding

DO NOT bind with bandages or duct tape. They are not designed for chest binding. Binding with bandages and duct tape can lead to injury and dangerously restrict your breathing and ribcage.

When buying/ordering a binder it is important to find the right size and not wear a binder that restricts your breathing.

See G(END)ER SWAP TIPS FOR SAFE BINDING for tips and links to helpful resources.

Spectrum Outfitters Sizing and Fitting page also has helpful tips on chest measurements and finding the correct size for you.

Binding and COVID-19

Check out this video for information on binding and COVID-19: how to safely compress your chest.

Keeping cool

In the summer, it can be difficult to stay cool if you want to have the appearance of a flat chest. To feel comfortable, you might feel the need to wear several layers of clothes. There is clothing out there to help with your gender presentation when the sun heats up. Here are a few tips for keeping cool.

The Basics

Keep hydrated - try to drink 2 litres per day. Wear sun cream - protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays that can cause skin cancer. Stay in the shade between 12 noon and 3 pm if it’s very hot. Wear a hat to keep the sun off your face

Swimming and Swimwear

It is possible to find swimwear if you haven’t had or don’t want lower surgery.

A skirted swimsuit or skirter bikini bottoms can be a comfortable option. Google ‘skirted swimsuit’, ‘skirted bikini bottoms’ or ‘swim skirt’ to find a range of options from different mainstream shops

If you want to go swimming but you have to wear a binder or you are self-conscious about chest surgery scars, try a rash guard. Plenty of people like surfers wear rash guards to protect their skin from sunburn and sea water. Search ‘rash guard’ on Ebay or ask in your local sports shop.

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