Make Up

As part of your gender expression you may wish to experiment with or wear make-up.

Learning More About Make-up

You might not know much about make-up or have friends who do - don't worry, you can find tons of make-up and skin care tips online. For example, some Youtubers who offer make-up tutorials have gained a huge following for their step by step approach.

From make up basics to more advanced techniques and dramatic styles, you can pick up a lot of new make-up knowledge. Here are a few you could look up*:

Jaclyn Hill
Make Up Geek
Nicole Guerriero
Manny Mua
Patrick Starrr
Michelle Phan
Andrea's Choice

*This list is not specifically trans.

Make-up Tips for Trans Women

A quick guide from a GI youth group member:

One key focus could be covering the 5 o’clock shadow in the beard area. This can be hard to do with minimal make-up.

You may be able to use foundation from a high street drugs store such as Boots, but you may need something with strong coverage. A lot of trans girls use Estee Lauder’s Double Wear or MAC’s studio sculpt. Others use Kryolan TV foundation sticks, because, as the name indicates, it's make-up for TV and theatre, so it’s much thicker and fuller coverage than normal foundations. This means it’s able to conceal a beard shadow more effectively.

For lighter skin Derma Colour (a dark orange coloured camoflauge crème) can be used to colour correct the blue undertone of a 5 O’clock shadow and cancel out the darkness of that area.

If you are a person of colour, some make up brands fall short of providing a wide range of suitable shades. This article, and another here,feature some foundation brands that offer a better range of darker tones. If you are looking for full coverage, you might want to test out a brand in advance.

If you have undergone laser hair removal treatment, which removes facial hair, you may wish to use less product, and high street foundation.

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