Knowledge is Power (Resource from 2015)

Please note that this resource is from 2015 and may be outdated in places.

Knowledge is Power is a project funded by Awards for All. It gathered knowledge generated through a series of youth sessions, as well as research and writing carried out by a diverse team of GI community members.

At Gendered Intelligence we think knowledge is not the same as information. Knowledge is something that comes from within. Knowledge comes when an individual has received information but has processed it in a way that offers meaning to their life.

Our Knowledge is Power project provides you with lots of information but it’s up to you to convert that into knowledge.

If you do this we think that you will be empowered to make decisions that will enrich your life.


Alongside the information on our website we encourage you to look on other websites, visit libraries, talk to people, watch films, TV programmes and videos so that you can form your own views. We have linked to lots of other sites too and offered signposts where we can.

Converting information into knowledge is about learning about the world around us and about who we are. It’s also about changing ourselves and the world for the better! Sharing our own knowledge with others is about ensuring that knowledge circulates and benefits the whole of society.



About the project

Trans Identities and Trans Communities

This section includes information about:

Coming out


In this section you can find out:

Gender expression

Here you'll be able to learn more about:

General health and physical health

Mental health and trans people

This section tells your more about:

Sexual health and trans people

Accessing gender care specialists

Trans people in education

Experiencing bullying

Trans people and work life

Equality and Diversity Remits

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