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Some trans people choose to have surgery to make them feel more comfortable with their body. There are a number of surgical options available to trans people on the NHS as well as privately. It’s important to do plenty of research around the surgeons that carry out this treatment as well as the various methods or types of surgery that you will end up opting for. In addition talk to other trans people who have had the surgery that you are considering. There are plenty of ways to do this – visit a support group, join a facebook group or on line forum and watch youtube.

Images of surgery results are available on websites of surgeons, as well as websites like Transbucket which have a variety of surgery results on trans men and women.

To have surgery on the NHS, you will be required to have met a criteria which will be outlined by your gender identity clinic. Usually, you must have been on hormones for a certain amount of time before surgery referrals will be made, but this varies from clinic to clinic.

You can also opt to have surgery abroad

Treatment Guides & Information

Information gender identity-related treatment.

Gendered Intelligence / Department of Health: A Guide For Young Trans People in the UK

GIRES & Mermaids - Medical Care for Gender Variant Children and Young People: Answering Families Questions

GIRES: A Guide to Hormone Therapy for Trans People

GIRES: A Guide to Lower Surgery for Trans Women

GIRES: A Guide to Lower Surgery for Trans Men

GIRES: NHS Funding Processes and Waiting Times for Adult Service Users

Department of Health: Guide for GPs, other clinicians and health professionals on the care of gender variant people


There are a range of surgeons in the UK who offer chest surgery. Some are available on the NHS, but others work privately. Some work both through the NHS and privately.

List of surgeons

Over at Action for Trans* Health, there is an up to date list of UK surgeons who perform chest and genital surgery on the NHS and privately.

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