Legal and social recognition for non-binary people

Currently there is no legal recognition for people who do not identify as male or female. The sex or gender of a baby must be registered as male or female within six weeks of birth.

Birth certificates can be changed via Gender Recognition Certificates but they must be either male or female. For people who don't want a gender marker on their birth certificate or want something other than male or female, there's no option.

X on passports

As it currently stands there is no option other than M or F that can be selected when applying for a UK passport. This means that individuals who do not fit the binary gender system are misrepresented and often have to make the difficult choice as to which option they must pick.

Campaigners such as Christie Elan-Cane, who runs the Non-Gender campaign, are calling for the UK to follow the suit of other countries such as Australia, where ‘X’ is a valid option on passports and non-binary identities are legally recognised.

In March 2015 Yvette Cooper, Labour Shadow Home Secretary, pledged to introducing ‘Gender X’ passport options. This notion has been backed by both the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party. Tina Stowell, Conservative Leader of the House of Lords also confirmed that the Conservatives will examine the issue.

In the run up to the 2015 General Election, Pink News held a debate where leaders from various political parties shared their view on legal recognition of non-binary gender. You can read a transcript of the debate here.

In support of the campaign for legal recognition of non-binary gender, international law firm Clifford Chance have submitted a report to HMRC on behalf of the Non-Gender campaign challenging the Government in regards to both Human Rights and legislation surrounding equality.

Mx title

Where most options on titles are Mr, Mrs, Ms and Miss, it is possible to choose a gender neutral title of Mx. Sometimes you can ask for no title to be used on documents too.

Mxactivist works with the Non-binary Inclusion Project. They have done some great work in sending out letters to businesses and services that could include non-binary options or 'Mx' as a title option. There are some letter templates they've sent on their tumblr site that you can use: Letters to services about non-binary inclusion. They also have a section on their successes. Here's their discussion with the NHS Blood and Transplant services, asking them for clarification about the classification of trans people. 

Co-founder of Gendered Intelligence, Catherine McNamara has also blogged about this in the Huffington Post.

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