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Knowledge is Power - The Project

Please note that this resource is from 2015 and may be outdated in places.

Knowledge is Power is a Big Lottery Awards for All funded project that aims to improve the lives of young trans people through the recognition that the more young people learn about navigating life as a trans person, the better equipped they are to face challenges and build community.

This project provided a series of opportunities for approximately 50 young transgender people (ages 13-25) to come together, from across England, over several workshops to help us to create and signpost content online. The workshops included: ‘Our Non-binary Voices’ workshop, health and fitness, Imagining our Futures – careers, passions and interests, and Future Families – fertility, reproductive rights, adoption and other ways of having and being in a family.

The project was designed to strengthen our young trans community, improve life chances and encourage healthier and more active people and communities.

We believe that young trans people need to explore their identities without anxiety, and to make self-informed decisions about their lives. They can do this through discussion, sharing life experiences, writing and story-boarding with other members of their community. Throughout the project young trans people increased their life chances by increasing confidence, reducing isolation and social anxiety and feeling empowered by helping others through the sharing of experiences and ideas. We hope that having this information freely available on line will improve lives and show that there are many ways to be trans, and that being trans is okay.

Like social models of disability, along with lesbian, gay and bisexual communities, trans people are developing a positive community identity around being trans rather than treating trans identity as a medical condition. Strengthening as a community means bringing young trans people together to take pride in their identity, and to tackle all forms of prejudices and discrimination together.

There are also many young trans people who do not attend our sessions who are also part of our community. We hope that the resources here on this website will help to strengthen our community.

We have worked hard to ensure that this information is up to date and accurate. If you feel that this isn’t so please get in touch. This is really important and your feedback could help others.

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