Resources about non-binary identities

Below is a list of key sources which you may find beneficial for not only information & legislation, but also for support and safe social spaces and activities is a site that includes terms, definitions, resources and support for social and legal transition as a non-binary individual.

Genderqueerid is a platform that aims to provide awareness, information and resources for those whose gender identity falls outside of the gender binary.

Genderqueerid’s GQ Links page offers a full range archived pages linking to resources spanning from medical and legal support, to social media communities and fashion & transitional gear; sub-headings include: Tumblrs, Reddits, Livejournal Communities, deviantART, Websites & FAQs, Organisations & Events, Forums & Groups, Identity Sites, Pronouns & Titles, Articles, Books, Entertainment, Fashion & Transitional Gear, Education & Sex Ed and Social Media

Good Reads offers a comprehensive listing of good reads which have been tagged as ‘gender queer’.

CN Lester is a musician, writer and Non-binary/trans activist. CN’s blog spans topics from politics, entertainment, cookery, events, personal stories and a bi-monthly book club. This blog site is a good resource for a more relaxed, general focus and community connector. CN is also active on Twitter contributing advice, information, resources, campaigns and discussions.

Practical Androgyny is a place where you can find information and resources upon relevant topics, prevalence research and rights, legislation and news surrounding gender, more specifically non-binary identities.

GenderBen is a weekly blog by a PhD student with particular focus on gender identity and research. The majority is very much non-binary focused discussion, resources and information.

For a glossary or list of terms check out:

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