Changing Your Documents

Changing your documents isn't difficult but it is time consuming and you may have to pay fees. Generally, to change your documents you'll need:

• Your deed poll or statutory declaration proving your legal name change

• For some documents, a letter from a medical or health practitioner identifying you as a trans person. This has to have very specific language to be valid in some places. See this health professional's template for an example which you can suggest your health practitioner use.

• For some documents, a copy of your passport or birth certificate as proof of identity.

Changing Documents Checklist

Below are documents you should consider changing when you have changed your name. Not all are necessary for you to change but we have provided information on how to do it for those who require it. You can change your name and gender on everything except your birth certificate and with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) without a Gender Recognition Certificate. The DWP will allow you to change your name, but not your gender marker.


Driving License

Your bank or building society

Department of Work and Pensions (National Insurance)

Medical Card / Doctors Surgery

• Educational Qualifications and Certificates

The people and places to share your new details include:

• Your school, college or university

• Your place of work

• Any utility companies (water/gas/electricity) if bills are in your name

• The council if you pay council tax

• Any clubs / services where you are a member (the gym, sports and social groups, etc)

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