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Trans Inclusion in Sport and Physical Activity

At Gendered Intelligence, we believe sport and physical activity are for everyone!

However, statistics show that trans people are particularly underrepresented in sport and physical activity (SPA).

Whilst nationwide figures show that on average 33% of men and 45% of women are not active enough for good health, this figure rises to 60% for trans people, and 64% for those who don’t identify as either male or female.

[Source: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans People and Physical Activity: What You Need to Know, National LGB&T Partnership, 2016, referencing Health Survey for England, 2012, and the Partnerships own survey of LGBT people, 2015]

Gendered Intelligence aims to support SPA organisations to make a positive, practical difference to trans inclusion

We know that by increasing knowledge and confidence, we can enable SPA providers to create and implement realistic, welcoming, everyday trans inclusive policies and practices.

We do this through providing consultancy, information, guidance and training to all types and levels of SPA providers and settings.

We worked with National and international governing bodies, leisure centres, university sports facilities, swimming facilities, architects specialising in sport facilities, school / college PE staff, and local grassroots clubs.


We can provide consultancy around policy development, guidance writing, communications, FAQs, monitoring and reporting, problem-solving, research and outreach, in-house training cascade, and more.


Full day training (and its remote equivalent of 4 x 2hr sessions)

Short training (half day, 2 hour and remote equivalents) to build basic trans awareness amongst staff and support inclusive practices

Gender-Diverse Sports Icons

FREE Trans Inclusive Sports Images

Are you looking for some colourful trans-inclusive images?

Gendered Intelligence has commissioned a suite of 36 trans inclusive sports images, each of which is available in trans, non-binary and agender flag colours (108 images in total)

Any organisation or club wishing, for example, to run a trans inclusive event, publish trans inclusive guidance, or have a page welcoming trans participants on its website, is welcome to download these for free.

Some images relate to particular sports (like football), whilst others are generic (like a swimming hat or sports shoe), so there's something for every club, sport, event and activity.

Click here to select and download the images.

Guide to Including Transgender People in Grassroots Sport

GI has produced a basic guide to including trans people in grassroots sport, funded by the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC). It sets out some of the key information it is useful for grassroots clubs, teams, and organisations to know, along with some basic tips to help you make your sport, club or team more welcoming to transgender people. It's available on the NIHRC website here, alongside ‘Transgender Inclusion in Sport: A Legal Analysis’ which has been produced by NIHRC itself.


"Excellent session, great balance of being informative, thought-provoking and enjoyable - and practical. The session really helped gain a positive, informed understanding of this subject area. [The trainer] delivered this extremely well and did a great job” British Gymnastics

“Great session, has given me a knowledge foundation that gives me confidence to be more trans inclusive day to day.”Dan Roberts, Development Officer (Workforce), Greater Sport

“Great variety of presentation and interaction. Very interesting and insightful. Made complex subject understandable. Lovely trainer who created an environment where people could be open and show their naivety.” - Jane Holdsworth, Equality Standard Assessor

“I have realised I didn't know half as much as I thought I did… there's lots more to learn.” – [Anonymous participant]

“Really insightful workshop. Incredibly delivered. Everyone needs to do this training.”Luke Williams, Campaigns & Partnerships Lead, Snowsport England

“We were very pleased with the high level of professionalism and support provided by Gendered Intelligence in developing our trans guidance” - Funke Awoderu, Senior Inclusion and Diversity Manager, The Football Association

Background and Experience

Gendered Intelligence has been working to improve the inclusion of trans people in sport and physical activity (SPA) almost since the organisation was founded in 2008. From the early days, we knew trans people struggled to access sport, but that they loved it just as much as anyone else when enabled to take part. Activities on our summer camps and trans only swimming events showed us that young trans people wanted to take part and had a great time when they did!

Since then, we have worked in a variety of ways to improve trans people’s access to SPA:

- Working with the Football Association, developing their ground-breaking Grassroots ‘Guide to Including Trans People in Football’ (issued Mar 2016)

- Consulting with / training several National Governing Bodies such as the Royal Yachting Association, English Cricket Board, British Gymnastics, England Golf and BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport), and presenting to World Rugby around trans inclusion.

- Working with front-line providers of sport and leisure, including leisure centres, university sports facilities, swimming facilities, architects specialising in sport facilities, school / college PE staff, and local grassroots clubs.

- Foregrounding a ‘Sport’ strand in our 2018 conference ‘TransForming Spaces’, with speakers from the FA, Brighton Flat Track Roller Derby team and Sport England.

- Presenting on trans and non-binary inclusion at Pride Sports’ 2019 conference and in their 2021 and 2022 webinar series; at the international World Pride Sports Leaders Conference (Copenhagen 2021); take part in panels, e.g. at the 2022 Commonwealth Games Pride House.

- Carrying out qualitative research with trans people and NGBs to inform and illustrate our work

- Developing and delivering training for NGBs and Active Partnerships, originally as part of a Sport England funded project, now offered independently as part of our wider training offer

- Alongside this, we aim to encourage trans people themselves to take up, or return to, physical activity and sport and enjoy all the benefits that can bring.

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