Last updated: 11/11/2021

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We've had a high volume of volunteer applications in recent months. We're thrilled to have so much support, but it means we're working through a backlog of applications and are currently unable to address new ones. Once we've processed our current volunteer applications we'll be ready to accept new ones again.

Do you want to volunteer for Gendered Intelligence?

Gendered Intelligence exists to increase understandings of gender diversity and to improve the quality of life of trans people, and young trans people in particular.

In line with this mission Gendered Intelligence seeks to involve volunteers to:

We induct successful volunteer applicants on a regular basis.

Office Admin

Taking part in the Office Admin program will involve volunteering at the Gendered Intelligence Office by assisting with general clerical duties, organising the office and assisting with other day-to-day tasks. Office Admin volunteers can develop to focus on supporting the area of work they’re most passionate about.

Ambassadors' Network

Joining the Ambassadors' Network will involve volunteering at internal events by representing Gendered Intelligence to the public at stalls booked at external events and internal events such as our annual conference.

Youth Group Support

Taking part in the Youth Group Support program will involve volunteering at the Gendered Intelligence youth groups by supporting our Youth Group Leaders and creating a safe and supportive space for our young people. We run youth groups for a wide range of ages from our Under 12s group, our 16-20 group, and our under 21s groups. We run youth groups in London, Leeds, and online. To volunteer, you should live in one of these cities or in short travelling distance to one of them.

In London, we run three groups: Under 16, 16-25 and BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic).

There are also opportunities to help out at our events for young people like camps. Volunteers must identify as trans and/or non-binary as our youth groups are trans only spaces. To volunteer for the TPOC youth group, you should identify as a person of colour. Applicants must undergo an Enhanced DBS with Children's Barred List check.

We welcome all people, including those who are wishing to volunteer as part of their studies, cis allies such as friends and family of trans people and members of the trans community who are looking to enhance their CV or employment credentials.

Gendered Intelligence also welcomes volunteer suggestions and development of new ideas and projects.

Applying to Volunteer

Volunteer applications are currently closed while we process a backlog! We hope to re-open them soon, so please do keep us in mind.

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