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Last updated: October 2020

GI Camps 2020 – Information

2020 Digi Resi

As many of you will know we had to cancel our residentials this summer. We were especially sad as 2020 marks 10 years of GI camp. But we will not be defeated! Instead, we bring you GI Digi Resi: A residential in your residence!

Digi Resi will take place on Zoom. Youth workers will be present in all spaces at all times.

The Celebration day is open to people aged 11+ who have been on a GI resi before. The activities will be split by age on this day - 11-15, 16-25 and 18+. The open mic on the 8th, which is only open to those aged 16+.

Young people aged 14 or under will require consent from a parent/carer to attend, as will young people aged 15 who have never been to GI before.

There is an online booking form for young people which they need to complete to book by 12:30PM Monday 03 August 2020. If you have any questions please email


Wednesday and Friday
11-11:40 Welcome, ice breakers and choose morning activities
11:40-12:10 Building campsites, forts & dens / trans flag scavenger hunt / trans quiz (olders) / recreating a camp image or painting (unders)
5 min break 12:15-1pm one word at a time story / making musical instruments / queer literature
1-2pm Lunch and break and choose afternoon activities
2-3pm Nature walk / mini-bunting / create a playlist
5 min break
3:05-3:30 Resi art / raft building / origami
5 min break
3:35-4:15pm Music jamming session / planning future resi projects / journalling
4:15-5pm Announcements, affirmations and sign the banner
5-6pm Light circle

Thursday TPOC

11-11:40 Welcome, ice breakers and choose morning activities
11:40-12:10 One word at a time / building campsites, forts or dens
5 min break
12:15-1pm Journal time / TPOC scavenger hunt
1-2pm Lunch and break and choose afternoon activities
2-3pm Making musical instruments, jam session / Nature walk
5 min break
3:05-3:30 Queer POC lit and read / Resi art on padlet
5 min break
3:35-4:15pm Loving ourselves / Origami
4:15-5pm Announcements, affirmations and sign the banner
5-6pm Light circle

Saturday's 10 years of camp celebration

11-11:30 Welcome
11:30 - 12:15 Ice breakers
12:15-1pm Resi art
1-2pm Lunch and break
2-3pm GI Resi quiz
3-4pm Writing with a camp prompt
4-5pm Affirmations to our younger selves, or to resi, sign the banner.
5-6pm Light circle - all age groups combined.
6-6:30pm BREAK
6:30-8pm Age 16+ open mic event

2020 Gendered Intelligence Summer Camp cancelled

Hey there, we know that if you're on this page it's because you're hoping to sign up to GI Camp

In light of the uncertainties we are facing during the pandemic, we have made the difficult decision of cancelling this year's summer camps. We know how important camp is for you so we wanted to create a space to chat about how you are feeling and how we can best support you this year.

If you would like to talk about summer camps please email us at

What the young trans people thought about our camping trip:

"I learnt a lot and had so much fun for the first time in a long time. I didn't want to leave, it was like a little piece of paradise. I can't wait until the next one!" - Youth group member

"Camp was a place I could be myself, a place where I didn’t worry about gender or the world outside, a place to forget about my problems for 4 days" - Youth group member

"I really enjoyed archery, but what I liked best was just hanging out and chatting by the camp fire each night." - Youth group member

"It was muddy, but still fantastic!" - Youth group member

"I wish every day was camp!" - Youth group member

"I made some really good friends on camp and now feel less alone in the world.” - Youth group member

Pictures from past camps

Setting up the tents

Eating dinner outdoors together

Setting up the camp fire

Pulling 3-G swing - faster!

Kayaking down the river

They built a raft!

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