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Past Conferences

Transforming Spaces 2018

Trans Community Conference 2011 - Trans in the Media: Broadcast journalism, screen & social media

This conference was held at Central School of Speech & Drama and was carried out in association with Trans Media Watch. Contributors included Hollyoaks actress Victoria Atkin, Guardian blogger, Juliet Jacques, young journalist and trans activist, Paris Lees, Nathalie McDermott, director of social enterprise On Road Media, as well as a panel featuring Human rights lawyer and New Statesman journalist David Allen Green, CN Lester, Amanda Rice, Acting Head of Diversity at the BBC, amongst others. In addition there was a "Doing it for ourselves" stream where participants carried out a series of practical workshops where they will produce their own trans representations through various media.

Trans Community Conference 2010 - Creative Responses to Education and Equality

This conference took a more creative approach to the themes of education, equalities and diversities, policy and practice, political activism and work carried out in the voluntary and community sector.

Central School of Speech and Drama, who hosted the event, attracted various projects that have used art, drama, applied theatre, voice work, and creative writing as practical measures that educate and work towards equality, including encouraging body positivity for trans people and their loved ones, and finding ways of getting our voices and stories heard.

Trans Community Conference 2010 Report (PDF)

Trans Community Conference 2008 - Our Bodies, Our Minds, Our Environments

The conference was held at Metropolitan Police headquarters and funded by Awards for All and Central School of Speech & Drama. This conference was planned, facilitated and run by members of the trans community for the trans community. 137 delegates and a team of 10 facilitators participated in our 4 strands. The conference set out to tackle some of the key issues in the areas of:

Asylum and Trans People

This strand aimed to develop ways that we, as a community, can support trans people who are seeking asylum in the UK. The delegates were introduced to the legal processes of seeking asylum and then heard from a trans person who is seeking asylum, as well as from those who have been supporting people claiming asylum. Joseph Swift and Michal Dunkley- Clark ran the session, in association with UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group.

Body Positivity and Sexual Health

This strand looked at body positivity and how trans people can become empowered to celebrate their bodies. We also discussed the various expectations trans people, those close to them, as well as society has of gendered bodies. The workshop then went on to discuss the concerns that trans people have around sexual health, the difficulties they have in accessing sexual health services and ways to move towards gaining inclusive sexual health provision for all trans people. The strand was open to all trans people, their lovers and friends. Joy Kahumbu and Lee Gale ran the session, in association with SW5, from Terence Higgins Trust.

Youth and Families

This strand aimed to identify the needs of young trans people as well as the families, friends and partners of trans people. Our key questions were: what will enable young trans people to be taken seriously by those around them? And what support and resources do families, friends and partners of trans people need? Finn, Rachel, Jacob and Jennifer ran the session, in association with No Outsiders.

Mental Health and Emotional Well Being

This strand engaged with the various emotional and psychological aspects of being trans which often do not get raised. We considered how we manage our own transitions, in whatever form they may take, and how we situate ourselves in relation to other people, including trans people. Jay and Claudia ran the session, in association with Pace.

Trans Community Conference 2008 Report (PDF)

Trans with Pride Conference 2007

The conference was hosted by Transfabulous. Invited guests included Kate Bornstein, Jameson Green, Ignacio Rivera and Christine Burns. 150 members of the trans community and allies from across London, different regions of the UK and beyond gathered at Oxford House in Bethnal Green, London.

The conference set out to tackle some of the key issues in the areas of:

Trans With Pride Conference Report (PDF)

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