Camping 2022 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens on camp?

On camp you can expect a range of activities and games to get involved with, such as art, journaling and exploring nature. All this, plus sharing round campfires, cooking and eating as a community and living in a trans-only space for 3 days.

Q: I really want to come on camp, but I can’t attend the prep day, can I still come?

The camp prep day is a really important part of camp. It’s the day you meet everyone else who is coming, sort out who you might be sharing a tent with, meet your youth workers, and get to know more about what to expect. It’s also a good practice run of making the journey to London (particularly after a year where most of us have travelled less). If you don’t come on the prep day, you won’t be able to come on camp.

Q: Wait, the age ranges say 11-17 and 16-26. Is this a mistake? Which camp do I go on if I’m 16 or 17?

In 2019 we asked 16 and 17 year olds whether they wanted to be part of the younger or the older camp. We had mixed replies! So, if you are 16/17 you get to choose. Please tell us which you would prefer, or if you don’t mind.

Q: What about Covid? How will you make sure it’s safe?

Guidance will be clearer by August and we will be able to give a more detailed answer on the prep day (which will take place outside if necessary). However, for now, we can tell you the following:

Q: I’m worried about sharing a tent…

We know that, as trans people, it can be a scary prospect to share a tent with others. On GI camp, we prioritise tents with separate sleeping areas. Due to covid, it is highly likely that everyone will have either their own tent, or their own sleeping area this year.

Q: How much does it cost?

We know how important camp is, this year more than ever. So, this year camp is completely free for everyone. You will just need to pay for your travel (and we can reimburse you up to £7 for each journey). If you cannot afford your travel, please talk to us about how we can help.

Q: It’s amazing camp is available at no cost, but I’d like to make a donation for future camps, can I do this?

Absolutely! Thank you for helping future camps to happen. There are a few ways you can do this.

Q: I don’t have any camping equipment. I guess I can’t come?

Incorrect! We have plenty of stuff you can borrow. Nobody has to bring their own tent and we have plenty of sleeping bags and sleeping mats for people who need them.

Q: I have some access needs (physical or mental health related) which might make camp difficult for me, I guess I can’t come?

Talk to us about this! Let’s see what we can figure out together. We have supported young people to attend camp before with plenty of different access needs. Email: [email protected]

Q: I have medication that I take, what do I do with this on camp?

Medication (apart from epi-pens and asthma pumps) is held by a worker who is your Team Lead. You will be told who they are and will know where you can find them. They can also support you if you need help remembering your medication. This approach helps ensure medication doesn’t get lost and that nobody takes the incorrect medication.

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