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Resources for Families

Below are resources Gendered Intelligence has produced for families of young trans people.

Guide for Parents and Families of Young Trans People

In conjunction with the LGBT Consortium, Gendered Intelligence has produced a booklet aimed at parents and families of young trans people. We hope that this might offer parents and family members some information about what it means to be trans, how it might feel as a parent or family member of a young trans person and most importantly a bit of advice with regards to going forward from here.

The new updated version of this booklet for 2013 is now available!

Guide for Parents and Family Members of Trans People in the UK (PDF)

Sadly hard copies of this booklet are no longer available. Please download a PDF version using the link above.

Report on the issues of Parents and Family Members of Trans People

Report on the Issues (PDF)

Additional Resources

We have additional resource sections for trans youth, professionals and our conference reports, which are available below:

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