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Professional Consultancy - Trans Inclusion and Equality

Gendered Intelligence offers professional consultancy support to help with specific needs. All our consultancy can be offered via remote channels. Once restrictions surrounding COVID are lifted, we will also be able to visit in person as outlined below.

Our consultancy service can:

- Create, co-produce or review written materials, such as policy, guidance, communications, FAQs, scripts and more

- Carry out information gathering via surveys, focus groups and/or desktop review

- Improve monitoring and reporting through development of forms and other practical processes

- Address particular questions or concerns; help develop a deeper understanding of trans issues

- Find positive ways forward in individual or challenging circumstances

- Develop in-house training content for internal cascade

- Assist with any other trans-related queries

How we work: We are open to working together with organisations on any aspect of trans-inclusion and welcome opportunities to collaborate on responses to new or developing requirements. We aim to be client-centred in our approach and to consult in whatever way, or combination of ways, works best for you, we are happy to work via face to face meetings, phone, email or any other means.

Cost: Our consultancy rate is £100-£150 per hour exclusive of VAT, plus travel expenses for any face-to-face meetings. Our £100/hr rate is for non-profit organisations, and our £150/hr rate is for commercial organisations.
When we work remotely, e.g. by phone/email, our minimum charge is 30 mins and then pro rata.
When we work face to face, we have a sliding scale of minimum charges according to travel time.

If you would like a one hour initial scoping meeting for some initial expert advice and a discussion of how Gendered Intelligence can assist you with your trans inclusion work going forward, we can offer this for £100+VAT for non-profit organisations and £150+VAT for a commercial organisation.

We can arrange a 15 minute exploratory phone call free of charge.

"Loved it! I have learnt a lot but also gone away with an interest and passion to learn more and continue building my awareness. Would highly recommend!" NHS Clinical Psychologist, 2021

"I think people can be wary about talking about trans issues due to a lack of confidence in language use and terminology, but the instructor was great at explaining terms and for being understanding about when others might “get it wrong”. This led to a much more open discussion than I was expecting." Sylvie, Wellcome Trust, 2020

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It is often helpful to attend some Gendered Intelligence training before engaging with our consultancy - it's likely to answer a number of your queries and may reduce or even eliminate the need for consultancy, so it's a cost effective approach.

Visit our training pages for details, and to contact Cathy Leech
to discuss your training needs:

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In House Training at your premises

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