Gendered Intelligence Therapists and Counsellors Directory
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Gendered Intelligence Therapists and Counsellors Directory

What is GI’s Directory of Therapists and Counsellors?

This directory is a listing of members of Gendered Intelligence’s Network for Therapists and Counsellors who wish to offer their services to trans and gender questioning people, their families and their partners.

About the Directory

We know that trans and gender questioning people and their families can sometimes struggle to find a counsellor or therapist who can support them effectively. Therapists may not have had any formal preparation to work with trans people, and some may have little or no prior experience of working with trans clients.

GI therefore offers a range of learning and development opportunities for therapists and counsellors to support them to work more effectively with trans people and their families. These opportunities include training, professional supervisions, and bulletins focussed around trans awareness and trans inclusive / trans affirmative practices.

We believe that therapists and counsellors who are committed enough to trans inclusion to take up these opportunities are more likely to offer a positive experience for trans people and their families in their therapeutic setting.

In particular, in order to be listed in the Directory, a therapist / counsellor must have attended the 2-day course “Working Alongside Trans, Gender Diverse and Questioning People”, be registered with a professional body that requires them to be qualified to recognised standards, and have signed up to the GI Standards of Provision.

Using this directory

The Directory can be browsed online. It offers some basic search functions so that you can look for therapists of colour; therapists who are themselves trans; or therapists who are LGBTQ+.

Each therapist / counsellor has space to describe their practice, including their level of experience and connections in this field – some may be just starting; others will have established practices. Some can offer special rates for (young) trans people.

The therapists and counsellors run their own private practices or are part of other services that offer counselling or therapy – they don’t work for GI. You will find contact details under each listing – please contact the therapist / counsellor directly.

PLEASE NOTE: Listing in the Directory is not an endorsement of services or evidence that a counsellor or therapist has met particular standards of trans inclusive practice.

IMPORTANTPlease read these Terms & Conditions of Use before using the Directory


A note about language: On this page, we use the term ‘trans’ to refer to the broad spectrum of people who feel that the sex/gender they were assigned at birth does not match or sit easily with their sense of self. It is a broad term and includes people who might describe themselves as non-binary, gender fluid, agender, transgender, transsexual, and men or women of trans history, among many other words. We also recognise that people may be questioning or exploring their gender identity and not identify as trans, and that people may or may not identify as trans in the future.

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