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Important update: Please note the Support Line will be closed or closed early on the following days:

Callers who leave voicemails, text messages or emails will be responded to within a day or two from the 12th January.

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Support Line for the patients of Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health & Sheffield Porterbrook Clinics


0330 3559 678

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07592 650 496

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Gendered Intelligence Support Line launched in 2018 with a partnership with Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health, offering independent and confidential support to trans and non-binary patients (and their families) undergoing the NHS gender care waiting list and assessment process. The Support Line is now offering support to gender care patients at our new NHS partner Sheffield Porterbrook Clinic as well as continuing support services at the Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health.

The GI Support Line Team are here to listen. We can offer you support and a listening ear at this difficult time for patients of gender services. We can offer you an informed gender diverse listening ear, and trans affirmative support from workers who are all trans and non-binary people themselves.

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Feel free to start a conversation. We can offer a call back, or spend time exchanging messaging. If we are busy or closed, you can email or leave a text or WhatsApp message and the support worker can get back to you.

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