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Support Line

The support line for those who need information and emotional support while waiting for gender-affirmative healthcare.

We are a service for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please contact our youth service.


0800 640 8046

WhatsApp chat:

07592 650 496

The Gendered Intelligence support line is a free and confidential service in partnership with Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health, Sheffield Porterbrook Clinic, East of England Gender Clinic and the Laurels Exeter. We are run by and for trans/non-binary people and do not share information with the gender clinics without your consent.

We are open:

If the phone line is busy or closed, please leave a voicemail or message and we will get back to you.

Who can contact the Support Line?

Anyone who is personally impacted (including family, friends and professionals) by the NHS gender care waiting list and is in need of support and information. This includes people who have been seen by the gender clinic and are waiting for their next appointment or treatment. We are open to all trans, non-binary and questioning people over the age of 18.

We prioritise neurodiversity, accessibility and diversity of experience and aim to remove and mitigate barriers to accessing our services.

What can I call about?

The calls are confidential and are there to provide a supportive and listening ear to any questions and concerns you might have while waiting for your appointments with NHS gender care.

You can contact the Support Line:

Who will answer my call?

Our helpline is staffed by fully trained Gendered Intelligence staff members who are all trans and/or non-binary themselves. All staff are trained to handle calls and respond to a variety of different needs and circumstances.

In crisis?

If you are in a physical or mental health crisis, or your reason for contacting us gets more concerning, please call 111 or 999 accordingly to get support or medical assistance.

You can also contact:

Waiting List Warriors

Our Support Line Service is offering a new online support group for those who are on the NHS Gender Identity Clinic waiting list. More information on how to join here.

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