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Waiting List Warriors!

Our Support Line Service is offering a new online support group for those who are on the NHS Gender Identity Clinic waiting list. We know that it can be very hard while you’re waiting to access the Gender Identity Clinics. Waiting times are incredibly long and it can be challenging to look after your mental health during this time. That is why we are starting these groups so that you can share space with other people who are also waiting, so that we can support each other. Each month, we will focus on a different topic, including: ‘What to do when dysphoria takes over’, ‘The clothes we wear and our identity’, 'Accessible exercise’ and ‘How to change your name via deed poll’.

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What is the purpose of this group?

This group is centred around supporting one another as you wait for gender affirmative healthcare. We want to create space to talk about the difficulties of waiting whilst also sharing advice and support.

Who can join?

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