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Resources produced by other organisations

Below are resources for trans people produced by other organisations and services. We've put them in to categories to help you find what you're looking for. Most of the resources we've included are produced for the UK, but we've included a few others that we think are useful. We've put our resources in the categories too so you can see all what's available all on one page. To find more detailed info on Gendered Intelligence resources, go to our main resource page.

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General information for trans people & allies

GIRES: Transgender Experiences: Information and Support

For Parents

Gendered Intelligence: A Guide for Parents and Family Members of Young Trans People in the UK

It Gets Better Video - Parents Of Transgender Children

Coming Out

LGBT Youth Scotland: A Coming Out Guide for Young Trans People

Advocates For Youth (USA): I think I might be transgender... now what do I do? (Available in multiple languages here.)

Treatment Guides & Information

Information gender identity-related treatment.

Gendered Intelligence / Department of Health: A Guide For Young Trans People in the UK

GIRES & Mermaids - Medical Care for Gender Variant Children and Young People: Answering Families Questions

GIRES: A Guide to Hormone Therapy for Trans People

GIRES: A Guide to Lower Surgery for Trans Women, Transfeminine People

GIRES: NHS Funding Processes and Waiting Times for Adult Service Users

Health Advice

Information regarding trans mental & physical health outside of medical transition.

Department of Health: Trans People's Health

Terrence Higgins Trust - Trans Health Matters: Trans Women

Terrence Higgins Trust - Trans Health Matters: Trans Men (Canada): Brazen - Trans Womens Safer Sex Guide

Age UK: Planning for later life - transgender people

Department of Health: Bereavement: A Guide for Trans People

NHS Domestic Violence Resources: Domestic Violence: A resource for trans people

Your Rights

Equality & Human Rights Commission: Transgender - Your Rights

Transgender Europe et al: And Others! Argumentation Training for Transgender Inclusion in Europe

GIRES: A Guide to Trans Service Users Rights

GALOP: Transphobia Factsheet

Working with Trans People - Education

Gendered Intelligence: Issues of Bullying Around Trans and Gender Variant Students in Schools, Colleges and Universities

GIRES & Home Office: Transphobic Bullying: Could you deal with it in your school?

Intercom Trust: Cornwall Schools Transgender Guide

Department for Children, Schools and Families: Guidance for schools on preventing and responding to sexist, sexual and transphobic bullying

Learning Skills and Improvement Service: Trans Equality E-Learning Resource

Equality Challenge Unit: Trans staff and students in higher education: revised 2010

Unison: Guidance on Trans Equality in Post-School Education

Working with Trans People - Employment & Leisure

GIRES: Legal protection and good practice for gender variant, transsexual and transgender people in the workplace

Equality and Human Rights Commission: Provision of goods, facilities and services to trans people

HM Government: Advancing Transgender Equality: A Plan For Action

Scottish Transgender Alliance: Changing for the better: How to include trans people in your workplace

Department of Health Trans: A practical guide for the NHS

Pink Therapy: Gender and Sexual Diversity Information for Therapists - English [Available in multiple languages here.)

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