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Summer Camp

Annual weekend camping trip for young trans and non binary people aged 11-17 and 16-25.

Who it's for

Age range: 11-17, 16-25

Young trans, non-binary and gender questioning people

Where it is

In person


Free (travel bursaries available)

When it is

Each summer

More information about signing up for our next summer camp will be shared in the coming months.

Since 2010, we've taken our young people on a weekend camping trip. It’s an annual opportunity to take part in lots of fun activities and spend time with other young trans and non-binary people. At the camp, you get to join in with activities like raft building or archery, make your own food, share stories around a campfire, and sleep in a tent. Our camps are suitable for experienced campers as well as people who have never slept in a tent before. We can also provide some indoor sleeping options for those who have particular access needs.

Our residentials, trips and summer camp are all free of charge, and travel bursaries are available.

It was a magical experience & I really miss it. I had lots of laughs too and I gained a lot of personal benefits from camp...Camp was one of the most amazing weeks of my life so far


I’ve felt like I have a really safe and happy thing to think about whenever I feel upset or overwhelmed. Having those memories of amazing times at camp has been so important to me


I want to say thank you. To everyone. For absolutely everything. Camp and GI has changed my life for the better, and quite frankly saved me. I hope you know the incredible impact you have on so many of us. Thank you for making me feel Valid

Zena, 15

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