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A range of consultancy offers to meet your organisational needs

We support organisations to achieve and embed practical trans inclusivity in culture, policy and practice. Whether you have a one-off question, a short term project or want long-term support, we can help.


Non-profit / NHS / education / statutory sector: £100+VAT per hour. Commercial: £150+VAT per hour.

For example, we can help you to:

  • Create, co-produce or review written materials, such as specific trans inclusive policy; guidance for managers, colleagues, front-line workers, or clients; inclusion statements; communications; FAQs and more
  • Review / health check general systems, practices and packages for example parental leave, overseas travel, PMI/EAS schemes, uniform policy and more; we can also review film scripts, surveys, forms and other texts
  • Carry out information gathering via surveys, focus groups and/or desktop review
  • Develop in-house training content for internal cascade
  • Manage the period when staff or clients transition
  • Find positive, practical ways forward in individual or challenging circumstances
  • Address ad hoc specific questions and support ongoing learning
  • Enhance wider approaches to gender diversity

 We are open to working together with organisations on any aspect of trans inclusion and welcome opportunities to collaborate on responses to new or developing requirements.

We aim to be client-centred in our approach and to consult in whatever way, or combination of ways, works best for you, so we are happy to work via face-to-face meetings, phone, email or any other means.

Contact us

Our e-mail address is consultancy@genderedintelligence.co.uk