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Therapists and Counsellors Network

Claudia Kempinska

  • Location: Northants
  • Offers online appointments: Yes
  • Gender: non-binary
  • Ethnicity: White British
  • Sexuality: Gay
  • True Under Sixteen
  • True Sixteen to Eighteen
  • True Over Eighteen
  • True Families

Practice description

I am an experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist, working with adults and young people, with a variety of presenting issues on both a time-limited and open-ended basis, both individually and in groups, in various settings: within CAMHS NHS, within a school, a university counselling service, a mental health charity and in a private practice setting. As a psychodynamic therapist, I can help you to understand underlying problems by exploring unconscious processes, as well as helping you with issues you might be aware of (conscious issues).

I also offer EMDR.

I have a particular interest and specialism in working with: People with anger difficulties; LGBTQ clients; Clients who have experienced childhood trauma and loss; People with identity issues; People with relationship issues.

I have ten years of working alongside LGBTQ+ clients and I have two years of experience as Gender Identity Pathway Lead in CAMHS.

Therapy qualifications

MA psychodynamic psychotherapy; EMDR UK `certified therapist Certificate in Clinical Supervision

Other therapy skills

Trained in Mindfulness, qualified Teacher and trainer

General skills

I am trauma specialist, and have worked with loss and abuse