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Therapists and Counsellors Network

Deirdre MacGinley

  • Location: Online
  • Offers online appointments: Yes
  • Gender: cis woman
  • Ethnicity: white British
  • Sexuality: lesbian/queer femme
  • False Under Sixteen
  • False Sixteen to Eighteen
  • True Over Eighteen
  • False Families

Practice description

Do you feel frightened that your world might fall apart if you look at your sexuality or gender? Maybe you have thoughts going round in your head and feel like you’ve lost track of perspective.

You may have a partner who is accepting of you up to a certain point, and you don’t know whether you want to push it further - you might lose them/ you might lose yourself.

Or you may be experiencing strong messages from your family, or religion or culture about how you should be, and it’s hard to find your way through.

Or maybe you’re single and as you embrace your gender identity you wonder what does that mean for you and sex and relationships? Who are you attracted to? What kind of sex? What if you don’t want sex? Or you want touch that doesn’t involve gendered parts of your body? What kind of relationships? There’s a world of labels - poly, asexual, aromantic, pansexual, lesbian, kink, trans, gender fluid, masc presenting etc, which can be helpful, and can be overwhelming.

Therapy with me gives you space to explore yourself, without pressure. This can involve looking at many areas of your life, past and present, being curious together, to see what comes up for you as your truth.

Imagine feeling less anxious and able to live your life peacefully. To know that you’re normal and that these feelings are not something to be scared of. You can feel better about yourself, and become more confident in the decisions you make.

Therapy qualifications

Certificate in Counselling - Gestalt Centre, London. Diploma in Counselling - Gestalt Centre, London. Certified Counsellor Online and Telephone Counselling - Counselling Tutor. Certificate in Psychosexual Health - Centre for Psychosexual Health. Sexuality training - Spectrum Therapy Centre. Trainings: Issues of sexuality and gender : Urban Tantra - Barbara Carellis; Pink Therapy; Shakti Tantra; Wheel of Consent; Rebecca Lowrie; London Faerie; Psychosexual Somatic Therapy; Tavistock Relationships; Working Alongside Trans, Gender Diverse & Questioning People - Gendered Intelligence; Mind Out and ELOP. Issues of race, racism and white fragility - COSRT, Mind Out, BetterHelp, Tavistock, Kinship Care, on-going peer group.

Other therapy skills

I have over 40 years’ life experience of being a member of the LGBTQ+ community as a lesbian/androgenous dyke/queer femme. As time has gone by, I have become even more open-minded about the many different ways we have of living and loving. I have undertaken additional training in gender, race, sexuality and sex, because acceptance matters to me.

General skills

I work with trans people, gender questioning people, their partners, and adult children. I work on issues around sex, identity, intersections of identity, coming out to yourself, coming out to others. As well as life transitions such as aging, having children, and bereavement.