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Therapists and Counsellors Network

Ly Orrock

  • Location: London
  • Offers online appointments: Yes
  • Gender: Trans Non-binary
  • Ethnicity: White british
  • Sexuality: Queer
  • False Under Sixteen
  • True Sixteen to Eighteen
  • True Over Eighteen
  • False Families

Practice description

As a non-binary, queer psychotherapist, I center inclusivity at the heart of my therapeutic approach. With a background in Art psychotherapy, I employ a variety of creative mediums such as natural materials, image making, clay, movement, and drama alongside traditional talking therapies. My experience spans from education, charitable work, and community engagement, with current roles in the NHS and private practice. I offer both online and outdoor therapy, acknowledging the profound influence of nature and creativity on personal growth and self-acceptance. In outdoor sessions, we harness the vitality and transformative power of nature, engaging in movement, art, and creative expression to invigorate and support ourselves, affirming our identities and gender expressions. I also provide online therapy, integrating expressive arts to explore queerness, emotions, and self-identity, ultimately empowering you to embrace your unique self. Nature is all-encompassing, and so should our approach to therapy be.

Therapy qualifications

Art Psychotherapist & Environmental Arts Therapist

Other therapy skills

Art Psychotherapist & Environmental Arts Therapist. I offer outdoor creative therapy for trans Non-binary & gender questioning individuals. I also work with a Dance & movement therapist offering an online therapy group and in person workshops in London and Devon.

General skills

I have extensive experience in working with individuals who have experienced trauma and other forms of abuse.