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Therapists and Counsellors Network

Paolo Plotegher

  • Location: Glasgow
  • Offers online appointments: Yes
  • Gender: Genderqueer
  • Ethnicity: Italian / Spanish
  • Sexuality: Queer
  • False Under Sixteen
  • True Sixteen to Eighteen
  • True Over Eighteen
  • True Families

Practice description

“I trained as an art therapist and as a systemic practitioner, and I use tools that come from both the psychodynamic and the systemic and narrative approach. I believe there is something queer and queering in art therapy and the gentle creativity and nonverbal expression that comes with it. I’ve been always passionate about affirming diversity and countering what is dominant, normative and damaging in our lives, and systemic therapy can be especially useful here by addressing the connections between the personal, interpersonal and social contexts.

I have worked as a therapist in a range of settings, from therapeutic communities, to NHS wards, from community centres to people’s homes, from homeless hostels, to prisons, care homes and schools. I have worked with people of all walks of life, with different symptoms and diagnosis, always engaging with them as people, whilst understanding identities as dynamic, relational, intersectional.

I am especially passionate about helping people addressing traumatic life experiences, tackling anxiety and depression, and affirming and celebrating gender, sexuality and relationship diversity (GSRD). “

Therapy qualifications

MA in Art Psychotherapy + Intermediate in Systemic and Family Therapy

Other therapy skills

I have an interest in eco art therapy

General skills

Trauma, attachment, narrative therapy

Contact information

Email: paolo.plotegher@protonmail.com