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Jay Stewart and Catherine McNamara at the Trans Community Conference.

Gendered Intelligence, established in 2008, is a registered charity that works to increase understandings of gender diversity and improve the lives of trans people.

Our vision is of a world where diverse gender expressions are visible and valued, and where trans, non-binary, gender diverse and gender questioning people live healthy, safe and fulfilled lives.

We are a trans-led and trans-involving grassroots organisation with a wealth of lived experience, community connections of many kinds, and a depth and breadth of trans community knowledge that is second to none. The team has a variety of professional and academic specialisms and qualifications including training and facilitation, youth work, policy, the arts, and doctorates in trans-related studies.

We aim to be thought leaders in this field, bringing positivity, passion and professionalism to everything we do. With our open and non-judgmental approach we want to enable nuanced discussion.

We believe everyone can be intelligent about gender!

About our work

We have three key departments at Gendered Intelligence. These are:

Professional and Educational Services

Youth & Communities Services

Public Engagement

One of our great strengths is connecting between all these strands of work, combining learning, knowledge and expertise, making us more than the sum of our parts.

For example, understandings developed from our youth work and our professional training and consultancy work feed into our public engagement work; our public engagement work informs the ‘future proofing’ activities we can suggest to consultancy clients; our youth work learning helps shape our offer for educators and for organisations recruiting the next generation.

Professional and Educational Services

Professional and Educational Services refers primarily to the work we deliver to organisations or professional individuals for a fee. Our Work in Education draws on a combination of Professional and Educational Services and Youth Community Services to provide a holistic, multi-faceted service in educational settings. We work throughout the UK and occasionally beyond, offering a non-judgemental, practical approach right across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors:

Staff training – over 1,300 training sessions delivered to over 25,000 people face to face, including standard and bespoke courses, and specialist courses for sports organisations and therapists/counsellors. To find out more check our Training page

Wide-ranging consultancy - creating, co-producing or reviewing written materials, such as policy, guidance, communications, FAQs, scripts and more; carrying out information gathering via surveys, focus groups and/or desktop review; developing in-house training content for internal cascade; addressing particular questions or concerns; problem-solving. To find out about the range of our consultancy work, check out our dedicated Consultancy page

Speakers/panellists for events and conferences. Check our Speakers and Panellists page for more information.

Therapists and Counsellors Network - access to specialist supervisions, directory listing and information updates. To find out more, check our Therapists and Counsellors network page

Workshops, lectures and assemblies – age-appropriate sessions for students from primary age to graduate level. To find out more check our workshops, lectures and assemblies page

Youth and Communities Services

Youth & Communities Services covers our direct provision for trans people especially young trans and gender questioning people. This is primarily grant and donation funded:

Youth work – regular groups in London and Leeds for various age ranges between 8 - 25; ‘TPOCalypse’ group for young trans and gender diverse people of colour; 18-30 group in London; swimming sessions; 1-2-1 support and more. To find out more, check our youth groups page

Residentials and trips - we think our 2018 ‘SuperCamp’ in celebration of our 10th anniversary was the largest ever residential event by and for trans people ever in the world with 150 attendees and 70+ staff, volunteers and guests; trips to Brighton Trans Pride. We also have trips to Black Pride, TPOC residential trip, and more planned…

Mentoring for young trans people in educational environments

Parents and Carers groups online and in the real world in London we meet and facilitate small discussion groups for parents, carer’s and family members of trans people to find advice and support.

Helpline commissioned by Nottingham GIC – for adults. Expanded as of April 2020 to cover Sheffield Porterbrook GIC, our support line means that those on the waiting list for Nottingham or Sheffield GICs can call our dedicated line, run by trans people, intended to ease the waiting period with advice and practical links to resources, well-being services, and groups

Volunteering - we have opportunities across all fields of work within Youth & Communities services, as well as some volunteering opportunities in other areas of work at GI. If you're interested in ‘giving back’ to or working with trans people in youth groups or at our family spaces, or supporting our team with office-based tasks, or improving your CV by gaining valuable experience in the voluntary sector, then please get in touch with our volunteer coordinator to see where you can get involved.

GIANTS - Gendered Intelligence Activists Network and Trans Spokespersons is a group of amazing activists and spokespeople doing grassroots, community-based work. The Network allows space for the GIANTS to have peer support, learn more, request training and develop their projects. Each year there is a dedicated intake of new GIANTS.

Arts projects for young people, and occasionally for adults too. These have included GI’s Anatomy, a life drawing project with trans and intersex models by trans and intersex people, and our Trans Acting casting project.

Group therapy sessions – we piloted ‘Collective Resilience’ in 2019, and after its great success we are planning another iteration post-COVID.

Public Engagement

Public Engagement covers our work in the policy and media spheres, including responding to consultations, requests for interviews and expert opinion; media engagement; engaging our supporters and others who may be interested in our work; and research.

For examples of our commentary visit our blog

Our Philosophy

Our identity is often taken for granted, but sex and gender come about through a combination of biological, social and psychological aspects of life that build our individual identity. When we begin to investigate who we are, locating why we are the gender we feel ourselves to be, things can become very complex.

Gendered Intelligence might be a sensitivity or attunement to moments when gender or gendered expressions appear in the world in ways that raise interest or cause for debate. This might be a political moment where power is brought into play. If you think about what happens when certain behaviours which are traditionally carried out by one gender are lived by another, you can see quickly how roles, jobs, appearances and behaviours, even ways of thinking are all gendered activities.

Therefore we might say that gender is not something that you are, or have, but is something that you do. For us, it is important to nurture and develop gendered intelligence in the individual, in order that we may occupy a world where a greater freedom of expression and a wider and richer spectrum of identities can co-exist.

Co-founder Jay Stewart delivered a TedX talk to make these points.

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