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Over 50s Transfem Group

Online Support Group for Trans Women and Transfeminine People over 50

Who it's for

Age range: 50+

Trans women and transfeminine people

Where it is




When it is

Monthly alternating between the third Wednesday of the month and the third Sunday of the month

The Adult Wellbeing Service is delivering a new online group for trans women and transfeminine people aged 50 and above. 

This group runs online once a month, and we cover a range of topics. We explore family dynamics, coming out at work, experiences of late transition, navigating healthcare and experiences of being a trans person over 50. We also have guest speakers in the space for facilitated sessions; so far we have had a makeup artist and a tarot reader!

This group is currently full and so unable to take on new group members at this time. We will post the sign up link here when we are back open to new group members. 

What is the aim of the group?

This group aims to meet the unique needs of this demographic through peer support. We know that transition can at times be isolating, and we want to provide a space for people to socialise, receive support and be empowered in their journeys. 

Who is eligible to join?

Any trans woman or transfeminine person at any stage in their transition journey can join.

  • You do not have to be engaging with Gendered Intelligence in any way prior to joining
  • You do not have to be at any point in your transition journey to come along, if you are questioning or exploring you are welcome in this space
  • This group is for people aged 50 and above, due to the different set of experiences

What are the timings?

The group runs once a month, alternating between the third Wednesday of the month and the third Sunday of the month. This is to cater to the varied scheduling needs of the attendees.

  • Wednesday sessions will run 6-8pm
  • Sunday sessions will run 4-6pm

Who is running the group?

The group is run by our Adult Wellbeing Coordinator. We also have guest speakers and facilitators for specific sessions. The facilitators do not represent every aspect of the trans community, we treat everyone as experts in their own experience and aim for the group to be non-hierarchical in terms of ideas and opinions.

Group logistics

  • The group is 2 hours long and delivered via zoom. Once signed up you will be sent a zoom link a week before via the Support Line Service.
  • You can join at any time during the session and leave at any time, there is no requirement to stay for the entirety of the session. 
  • We like people to have their cameras on but understand that it may not be possible for a number of reasons and still would encourage you to join.

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