Termination of Contract with Sport England
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We are pleased that we were able to put this funding to good use. We have gathered important information on the questions and experiences that NGBs have relating to trans inclusion, as well as the experiences of trans people in sport, and developed several case studies. We have also developed and delivered substantial training (which was very well received, both by participants and by Sport England). We have also advanced our own organisational knowledge and understanding around trans inclusion in sport and physical activity.
However, during the course of the work, the Sports Council Equalities Group (SCEG)* made the decision to review the Guidance for Transgender Inclusion in Domestic Sport. Sport England then placed much of our planned work on hold.
When the updated Guidance was released, it became clear that Gendered Intelligence would not be able to support it. We could not deliver training or produce documentation which repeated or supported the core messages of the Guidance, like the claim that, “Competitive fairness cannot be reconciled with self-identification.” This meant that there was no practical way to continue with the work while also supporting the community we serve. We have a responsibility to stand up for better inclusion and equity for trans people in sport, and the updated Guidance does not reflect this. We fed these views back to Sport England, but there are no short term plans to review the Guidance. The review schedule has yet to be decided.
In late 2021, we ceased all spend on work with Sport England, and returned the unspent portion of the grant.
We remain open to working with Sport England around trans inclusion in sport. We believe there are constructive ways of moving forward, and we look forward to being invited to contribute to discussions and research.
Despite the funded work coming to a necessary end, we have been able to do a great deal of positive work. We plan to release the qualitative research in due course, and we will continue to offer positive, practical trans inclusion training and consultancy in line with the International Olympic Committee Framework.
We look forward to a world where everyone has equitable access to sport and physical activity.
Gendered Intelligence, Sep 2022
*SCEG comprises the relevant officers from all the UK Sports Councils - Sport England, Sport Scotland, Sport Wales, Sport NI and UK Sport

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