EHRC letter on 'biological sex'
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We cut formal ties with the EHRC last year, believing it to have lost its independence as a body and becoming a mouthpiece for the UK government. They continue to fail to uphold the rights and dignity of transgender people, and - as this latest letter shows - have seemingly abandoned their duty to preserve equality in favour of undermining our legal protections.

This is despite the recommendation at their re-accreditation last year that they “take visible and clear steps to strengthen its working relationship with … organisations that work to promote and protect the human rights of LGBTI people”.

We’re reflecting on the current situation and will have further updates and actions soon.

Right now, what’s most important is to hold firm to our rights and to the truth. This letter has no statutory weight - that is, it doesn’t change the law.

Trans people are still entitled to all the protections against discrimination afforded by the Equality Act, including protections against discrimination or exclusion in any of the ways detailed in this letter. There will likely be a great deal of panic online, misinformation, and misleading reporting in the days to come. Rest assured that services and institutions are no more empowered to exclude trans people than they were yesterday, nor do we expect this to change any time soon.

We don’t believe that the UK public are waiting for an excuse to exclude trans people. Recent research shows that 69% of people who aren’t LGBT are supportive of trans people. This letter is the work of a few individuals fighting a culture war for political expediency only.

While the culture war is fought, Gendered Intelligence is going to continue working for the inclusion and benefit of trans people where it matters most: in the community, with our siblings, in solidarity.


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